Universal Pictures and Working Title have a reboot of The Borrowers in development.

The Borrowers

Based on the Mary Norton book series of the same name. Sausage Party and The Addams Family filmmaker Conrad Vernon is in talks to helm off a screenplay by Patrick Burleigh.

The Borrowers is an action-adventure film that follows a family of tiny people who live secretly in the walls and floors of an English house and ‘borrow’ from the big people in order to survive.

In the story for the original movie,

“children’s author Mary Norton‘s storybook creations, the four-inch-tall family of ‘borrowers’ who live among humans and co-op their possessions. When a crooked lawyer takes over the Lender family’s house, he’s got to reckon with the borrowers therein, who launch a campaign to oust the invader and restore the home to its rightful tenants.”

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