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Apex Legends: Legacy


Everything Coming to Apex Legends: Legacy in New Gameplay Trailer

Respawn Entertainment has dropped an awesome trailer showcasing all the new things fans can expect to see in Apex Legends: Legacy.

Respawn Entertainment has dropped an awesome trailer showcasing all the new things fans can expect to see in Apex Legends: Legacy.

Everything from the new 3v3 mode Arenas, the new Legend named Valkyrie (voiced by Erika Ishii), the Bocek Bow weapon, updates to the Olympus map, and more. In addition, a new Battle Pass will be launching for Apex Legends: Legacy with unique rewards including new skins for weapons and Legends as well as XP Boosts and Apex Packs.

  • New 3v3 Mode – Arenas: In Arenas, players will sharpen their skills in the tight confines of new and rotating maps like Party Crasher and Phase Runner. Each round, win or lose, teams can play to their strengths as they pick a new loadout; players can also earn and spend Crafting Materials to improve options between rounds. In addition, Arenas will feature dedicated events and prizes, as well as help players, gain Battle Pass levels.
  • New Legend – Valkyrie: With a jetpack forged from the remnants of Viper’s Northstar Titan, Valkyrie can momentarily fly above the battlefield, and when it’s time to swoop in for the kill, she can unleash a swarm of missiles to damage and disorient her enemy. If things get too hot, Valkyrie can easily employ her Ultimate to make a fast skyward escape — bringing her entire squad with her if they hook in. This new Legend enters the Apex Games with something to prove.
  • New Weapon – The Bocek Bow: A powerful and deadly weapon, the new Bocek Bow is capable of inflicting tremendous damage for those skilled enough to wield it. Players will need to take well-timed shots to make it count and to get the most out of the bow by charging shots for maximum impact. No ancient relic, the Bocek Bow lets players increase its effectiveness with two hop-up slots — the Deadeye’s Tempo, which allows a faster draw when firing at a perfect tempo and Shatter Caps, which make arrows burst when fired, spreading out like a shotgun blast.
  • Olympus Map Updates: Things are about to get interesting on Olympus as a rogue ship has docked on the map, bringing with it a viscous, parasitic plant of unknown origin. The infestation will offer new drop locations, changed lines of sight, and more to this Arena in the sky.

Apex Legends: Legacy will launch on May 4 on Nintendo Switch, PC (Origin|Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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