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Netflix’s Live-Action One Piece Series Arriving This Year

Netflix’s Live-Action One Piece Series Arriving This Year

Netflix’s Live-Action One Piece Series Arriving This Year

Netflix has released new promotional images of their live-action One Piece series confirming that the series will arrive this year. The streaming service is taking a shot at adapting yet another high-profile and beloved manga and anime series and hopes that this time around, it is more in line with what fans are looking for as they bring their favorite animated characters to life on the small screen.

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The series follows Monkey D. Luffy, a young boy with special abilities thanks to his consumption of one of the devil fruits. Always aspiring to live life as a pirate, his adventure begins as he sets sail, building his crew to pursue the ‘One Piece’ treasure. The new image shows our live-action Luffy (Iñaki Godoy) with the reveal of the 2023 release. The streamer also released a new poster showing our live-action crew featuring stars Taz Skylar, Emily Rudd, Jacob Gibson, and Mackenyu gazing upon the classic ship, the Going Merry.

Live-Action One Piece Series Arriving This Year

This is but a mere teaser of what we hope will be an epic and faithful adaptation of one of the most renowned and longest-running anime series. Netflix has taken shots at adapting other beloved anime series with Death Note and Cowboy Bebop receiving less-than-stellar responses but you never know when a gem might be coming your way. 2023 just kicked off, so when we see a trailer or another update could be anyone’s guess but stay tuned as more information on One Piece becomes available.

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