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The King of Monsters is Back in Godzilla Minus One Teaser Trailer

The King of Monsters is Back in Godzilla Minus One Teaser Trailer

The King of Monsters is Back in Godzilla Minus One Teaser Trailer

TOHO has unleashed the Godzilla Minus One teaser trailer as the film stomps its way to U.S. theaters in December. The King of Monsters has been a staple of the monster/kaiju genre since the 1950s and continues to be a pop culture sensation with a global following that has led to countless films both animated and live-action as well as series adaptations and more. The amount of content has even led Pluto TV to launch its 24/7 Godzilla channel that includes all the classics and newer content as well as exclusive content.

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As we have enjoyed the recent slate of films including the 2019 Godzilla: King of Monsters and 2021’s Godzilla vs Kong which has opened up the universe to more film and series adaptations. We now have another monstrous film coming our way this year in Godzilla Minus One. The film was announced last year and is helmed by Takashi Yamazaki.

The film will take place in post-war Japan which now faces a world-ending threat in the King of Monsters as he overpowers any force that challenges him and introduces chaos and panic to the human race. The film will first premiere in Japan this November and other details about the film have been kept mum. No official synopsis for the film or official cast list has been made available but the first look promises a monstrous return of Godzilla.

Godzilla Minus One Teaser Trailer

Godzilla Minus One will stomp its way to theaters in Japan on November 3, 2023, and will make its way to U.S. theaters on December 1, 2023.

Check out the trailer below:

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