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Geek Network podcasts are dedicated to different fandoms and are a guide to connecting fans with the fandoms they love with us as your guide. This gives everyone at Geek Network time to really geek out!

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Fandom Sessions

The Fandom Sessions podcast is your guide to getting closer to the talented people in your favorite fandoms

Geek Network Podcasts

Fueled by Weird

Everyone has hobbies and interests that fuel their weird.  What fuels yours?

Each episode Chris will sit down with creatives of all kinds and listens to their stories of what they are working on, what inspired them to get started, what’s coming next, and most importantly…what fuels their weird!

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Anime 1-A

Class is about to be in session with Anime 1 – A! Join Chris as he learns from a rotating panel of professors the good, the bad, and the indifferent of Japanese animation.

They’ll talk about what they’re currently watching, and what they’re looking forward to, and give anime newbie Chris suggestions on what he should be watching!

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The Nerdy Manroom Show

The Nerdy Manroom Show: a weekly podcast where we have a different focus topic or interview while diving deep Into the world of comics, wrestling, horror, action figure news, and artists sandwiched between geek week and nerd out!

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