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Geek Network podcasts are dedicated to different fandoms and are a guide to connecting fans with the fandoms they love. This gives everyone at Geek Network a time to really geek out!

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What is Fandom Sessions?

The Fandom Sessions podcast channel is dedicated to bringing you interviews and episodes featuring the talented people and creators of the movies, TV, anime, video games, and comic books you love.

Geek Network Podcasts

What is Dead Rooster?

The Dead Rooster podcast celebrates horror in all its ghastly glory. From films, we consider to be more obscure and less talked about to horror games that we absolutely love to fear. We don’t know why but we love to be scared and this is our way to celebrate the genre while bringing some special guests along for the ride and giving these horror gems our very own Roostermeter rating.

Dead Rooster Podcast

What is Geeky Stoner?

This is a very open and relaxed podcast series where we geek out and also talk about our favorite cannabis-related products we come across and the stories that come out of trying these products. We also touch on some of our favorite films/TV/anime and comics along the way.


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