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Comix is Creating A Platform For Creators By Creators

Comix is Creating A Platform For Creators By Creators

Comix is Creating A Platform For Creators By Creators

Comix is on a path to revolutionize the indie comic scene. With the creation of their new platform that is tailored for indie creators by indie creators, Comix hopes to achieve the goal of helping comic book creators bring their visions to life through the new platform headed by CEO and founder Saurabh Bhatia. The idea of the Comix platform came from a 2017 anthology project that brought up the question of how effective the Kickstarter platform was.

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Comix ensures creators that even as the platform is based in Australia, their outlook on the independent comic scene and how they can catapult creators into the next generation of creating comics encompasses the globe. Having been creators themselves, they understand the joys of crafting these stories while also understanding the struggles and hurdles that can come with bringing them to life for readers to enjoy.

The structure of the Comix platform looks to create a space for creators that will allow them to keep 100% of their IP while also making available a marketplace that creators can use to offer the back issues of their series. The back issues on the marketplace will offer an 85/15 favoring the creator.

Comix hopes this will allow creators to expand their creative work’s reach to a broader audience while giving readers a diverse lineup of comics spanning many different genres. With many plans for the future, the sky is the limit at the moment with plans ranging from crowdfunding to a mobile app available for readers.

Speaking of creating comics, Comix founder Saurabh said:

“We realize making comic books is as much a creative endeavor as a business venture. So, we aim to build professional tools that empower independent comic book creators to run their comic book business and do what large publishers are able to do as well.

Whether this means bringing their projects to life via crowdfunding or finding new fans for their existing catalog or helping them with fan retention, we have a full range of features planned for our creators. The aim is to help them reach a wider range of audience and let them focus on growing their comics business.“

To see more of what Comix has to offer, you can head to their official site and learn all about what they have available now and what is coming to the platform in the future.

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