Skate 4 Is Officially Coming to PC

Skate 4 Is Officially Coming to PC

Skate will officially be making its way to PC. The next game in the Electronic Arts franchise will launch on PC in addition to consoles. Electronic Arts and Full Circle developers shared a video on Twitter to accompany the announcement, posting footage of a skateboarder performing a kickflip over a computer monitor. The display turns on to reveal the Skate logo.

Check it out below:

Up until this announcement, the Skate franchise had remained on consoles exclusively. The first three games launched on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The series had been on a looooong hiatus since Skate 3 launched in 2010, until last month when the devs shared a teaser to let fans know that Skate 4 was still being worked on.

Details about the upcoming Skate game are still sparse. An official title hasn’t been revealed yet. However, EA’s trailer from last month teased an open-world design that has become quite popular among sports games and action sports games such as the upcoming Riders Republic and Steep.

The new Skate game was announced back at EA Play in June 2020. EA later shared that Full Circle, the new studio behind the game, was launched for the express purpose of continuing the Skate series.

Source: Skate/Twitter

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