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Plane Sequel in Development With Mike Colter Set to Return

Plane Sequel in Development With Mike Colter Set to Return

Plane Sequel in Development With Mike Colter Set to Return

The hit action thriller Plane is making its way back as a sequel is confirmed to be in development with Mike Colter returning. A report from Variety confirmed that the project is set to begin production this year. The film will be titled Ship and follow Colter’s character who was a passenger in the first film as he teams up with Gerard Butler who piloted the plane that crashed as he was being extradited to Canada.

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Although the first film had Butler’s Brodie Torrance starring in the film, the second film will hand the lead over to Colter’s Louis Gaspare but there may be a possibility of Butler appearing in the film although whether he is set to return in any capacity is still unclear.

Colter saw a spotlight shine on him after his portrayal of Luke Cage in Netflix‘s Jessica Jones and later in his own Netflix series Luke Cage. He is currently starring in Paramount+‘s Evil in which he plays a catholic priest in training in the supernatural drama and stars alongside Katja Herbes and Aasif Mandvi.

Plane Sequel in Development

Ship does not currently have a release date and still has yet to unveil much more information about the film so stay tuned as more is revealed.

Source: Variety

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