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Night Thrasher Jumps From the 90s Into New Solo Series at Marvel

Marvel fans are set to experience more of Night Thrasher, the beloved superhero from the ’90s, who is making a comeback in his very own solo series. This four-issue limited series, launching in February, will see Night Thrasher embracing a new era and donning a fresh look. But that’s not all – he will also reunite with his ex-teammate Silhouette and face off against a formidable new enemy known as The O.G.

Writer J. Holtham, known for his work on popular TV shows like Cloak and Dagger and Jessica Jones, teams up with acclaimed artist Nelson Dániel to breathe new life into this fan-favorite hero.

Holtham shared his excitement about the project, mentioning the relevance of ’90s nostalgia and the theme of legacy and self-discovery. Night Thrasher’s return to New York City to confront his past promises an engaging and action-packed storyline that will leave a lasting impact on his legacy.

If you want to hear more about the series, you can tune in to the latest episode of This Week in Marvel, where Holtham discusses the project with host Angélique Roché. And make sure to keep an eye out for the debut issue, featuring an explosive cover by Alan Quah.

Who is Night Thrasher?

Night Thrasher made his debut on the last page of The Mighty Thor issue 411 in 1989, created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz. His full appearance came in The Mighty Thor issue 412 later that same year.

Night Thrasher, also known as Dwayne Taylor, witnessed the brutal murder of his parents as a child, which drove him to seek justice. Through intense martial arts training, he dedicated himself to fighting crime. Despite blocking out the memories of his parents’ death and their killer’s face, he eventually discovered the truth – an elderly Asian woman named Tai orchestrated their demise.

By day, Dwayne ran the Taylor Foundation as a successful businessman, but by night, he transformed into Night Thrasher to fight crime. Along the way, he encountered two other vigilantes, Silhouette and Midnight’s Fire, who turned out to be the children of his guardian, Andrew Chord.

Night Thrasher #1 will be available at your favorite local comic shop and digitally on February 14, 2024.

Jackie Daytona
Jackie Daytona

Jackie Daytona

A variety geek who enjoys geeking out with friends over video games, comics, or movies/TV shows. An avid wrestling fan since the days of the Attitude Era and N64’s No Mercy, he now spends much of his time reading and collecting comics. All of my puns are intended.

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