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Mere Mortals: Mythic Quest Universe Expands with New Spin-Off Series Announced

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Mere Mortals: Mythic Quest Universe Expands with New Spin-Off Series Announced

Mere Mortals: Mythic Quest Universe Expands with New Spin-Off Series Announced

Mere Mortals: Mythic Quest Universe Expands with New Spin-Off Series Announced

As Mythic Quest remains one of Apple TV+‘s biggest original series. The world of the comedy series is now looking to expand as it has been announced that a spin-off series is in the works titled Mere Mortals.

The series centers around a fictional gaming development company that is behind the most successful MMO RPG. The series follows the happenings within the studio under the leadership of its creative director Ian Grimm. The Second season saw Ian and the lead engineer join forces to become co-creative directors and after finishing the ambitious expansion of their juggernaut game, they find that it’s time to let go and leave the Mythic Quest studio to go build a brand-new game.

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The series is currently airing its third season and stars Rob McElhenney, Charlotte Nicdao, David Hornsby, Danny Pudi, Jessie Ennis, Ashly Burch, Imani Hakim, F. Murray Abraham, and Naomi Ekperigin. The third season also introduced Joe Manganiello into the cast as the film version of Ian as the third season sees Mythic Quest getting a film deal touching on the origins of the studio.

McElhenney co-created the series alongside Charlie Day and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia scribe Megan Ganz. The series is executive produced by Michael Rotenberg, Nicholas Frenkel, Jason Altman, Danielle Kreinik, Gerard Guillemot, Hornsby, and Ganz.

Not much else is known about the new spin-off series other than the announcement and that the series will likely have the same formula that the “departure” episodes feature on Mythic Quest where the series takes a break from the main story to shine a light on a single character. We have had two of these episodes in seasons 1 and 2 of the flagship series with the first series telling the origin story of sorts of the office space occupied in the series and guest-starred Jake Johnson and Cristin Milioti and the second episode focusing on a younger C.W. Longbottom.

Mere Mortals is created by Burch, John Howell Harris, and Katie McElhenney who all write for Mythic Quest. The spin-off series will also have Ganz, McElhenney, Day, Hornsby, Nick Frenkel, Michael Rotenberg, Jason Altman, and Margaret Boykin executive producing.

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Mythic Quest has been a huge success on the streaming platform and continues as a standout series not only on Apple TV+ but in the entire small-screen medium. The streamer obviously sees the golden goose they hold in their hand and the talented creators in front and behind the camera and has laid trust in them to continue to deliver on what they do best. This should be an interesting formula to experience and hopefully builds a library of backstories for some of the lovable characters in the series.

Stay tuned as more information on Mere Mortals is revealed.

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