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Masters of the Universe Movie Officially Canceled at Netflix

Masters of the Universe Movie Officially Canceled at Netflix

Masters of the Universe Movie Officially Canceled at Netflix

Netflix has announced that the live-action Masters of the Universe movie has been officially canceled at the streamer. After years of development and millions put into production costs, Variety has reported that the Kyle Allen-led film will no longer be moving forward.

Allen would have played the famous hero He-Man with Adam and Aaron Nee helming the film which planned on introducing viewers to a new version of these characters that have been a beloved staple in pop culture decades going back to Dolph Lundgren playing the titular hero.

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The film was $30M into production costs before a single scene was shot which could have factored into the streamer shelving the project. The streamer has also been the topic of criticism with their password sharing crackdown, the questionable decisions in some of their hit original projects, and also some that were not as successful as expected. The Witcher Season 3 recently premiered Part 1 of 2 which saw viewership drop 30% as fans prepare for Henry Cavill‘s departure from the series.

Masters of the Universe movie

There is still plenty of content on Netflix that should be given the credit it deserves. One is Bloodhounds which sees two young boxers take on a loan shark taking advantage of needy local business owners in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The series delivers a knockout blow of action with some of the best choreography which is balanced with a surrounding cast of characters you cannot help but become emotionally invested in.

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1 Comment

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