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Army of Darkness Forever Comic Sequel Coming to Dynamite

Army of Darkness Forever Comic Sequel Coming to Dynamite

Army of Darkness Forever Comic Sequel Coming to Dynamite

It’s been over 30 years since Sam Raimi‘s sci-fi/horror/comedy masterpiece Army of Darkness made its way to the big screen, and now after three decades Ash Williams, portrayed famously by Bruce Campbell is getting its own sequel… in the form of a comic book!

Dynamite has just announced that they’re launching a new series called Army of Darkness Forever that kicks off in October. We’ve had Army of Darkness comics before, but this one should bring a little extra to fans as it will use Raimi’s original ending from the movie, where Ash Williams wakes up in the future, giving fans a glimpse into what might have been.

The series is written by Tony Fleecs (Stray Dogs) and is drawn by artist Justin Greenwood (Stumptown). Fleecs shared in the press release that working with Greenwood has been a long time coming, saying:

“Justin’s one of my best friends in comics. We always wanted to find a thing to work on together and this came along at the perfect time. He’s a great storyteller, that’s obvious to anyone who’s read Stumptown or Crone or any of his books.

But the thing that he does that really works for this book in particular is, he’s great at attitude. He’s one of the funniest guys in person. A real raconteur. And that comes through in the way he draws Ash. They both feel like blue-collar guys with interesting jobs to do.”

Dynamite is also releasing an Army of Darkness Movie Adaptation 30th Anniversary Edition and Army of Darkness 30th Anniversary Trading Cards to celebrate the film’s 1992 release. It was written by Sam and Ivan Raimi with artwork by John Bolton.

This also features an interview with Campbell himself conducted by Kurt Busiek. The trading card set is an Evil Dead fan’s dream with an 18 base card set, 9 line art cards, 3 special cards, 9 puzzle cards, 6 signed cards, 9 movie photo cards, and literally hundreds of exclusive hand-drawn sketch cards featuring various artists across the packs.

Prepare to see the true ending behind the mastermind of the Evil Dead franchise as Ash finds himself waking up 100 years into the future in 2093 as opposed to 90s Michigan. This is an ending deemed too dark by the studio which led to it being changed but 30 years later, we will see the superior ending come to life.

Army of Darkness Forever #1 will be available at your favorite local comic shop this October.

Check out the preview below:

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