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Ian Foreman Talks About the Dangers of Letting the Right One In

Ian Foreman Talks About the Dangers of Letting the Right One In

Ian Foreman Talks About the Dangers of Letting the Right One In

Showtime has premiered the series adaptation of Let The Right One In’ which has had fans buzzing since the debut episode showed viewers the latest adaptation of the popular Swedish novel and film was set to give the series a fresh new spin that focuses on the humanity of this world. The series has done a great job so far diving into a saturated genre and showing vampirism as a disease with an addiction-like affliction.

A big part of the series has fallen onto the talents of the young star Ian Foreman who portrays Isaiah in the series. Isaiah is dealing with the hardships many deal with growing up with bullying and struggling to fit in but as a magic enthusiast, he welcomes the world that doesn’t always reveal answers and a friendship is blooming with the resident vampire in Madison Taylor Baez’s Eleanor. Rarely does a series carry such impact with the brutality of being a vampire at the forefront and it sits on the shoulders of young talented stars.

Ian Foreman Talks About the Dangers of Letting the Right One In
(L-R): Ian Foreman as Isaiah and Madison Taylor Baez as Eleanor in LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, “Pilot”. Photo Credit: Francisco Roman/SHOWTIME.

Foreman is set to make waves in the Hollywood scene as this is only the beginning for the young star. Aside from starring in the Showtime series, he will also have his film debut in the Emma Stone produced ‘I Saw the TV Glow. ‘We had the opportunity to speak with Foreman about his time working on the series. Check out the Q&A below and be sure to tune in to Showtime and catch Ian Foreman alongside his co-stars in ‘Let The Right One In.’

GN: You share some very impactful scenes in the show with your co-stars like Taylor Baez. How’s your experience been working alongside them?

Foreman: Everyone had great chemistry on there. It’s a great environment. Everyone’s so cool and nice. And with Madison and Anika. They’re both amazing actresses with Anika, she has amazingly amazing motherly instincts. So much so that it reminds me of my mother, with her playfulness, and her support. And with Madison man, as soon as I met Madison, we just bonded. I’ve always been a social butterfly. So, it was pretty easy for me and Madison to connect and get that chemistry. But it was it was it’s kind of like it was meant to be, I guess you can say.

Ian Foreman Talks About the Dangers of Letting the Right One In

GN: You’ve had a chance to work on some projects with some very talented people early on in your career, such as Emma Stone producing your upcoming debut film. And of course, Let The Right One In and your costars such as Damien and Anika. Anything that you’ve learned working with them or knowledge that they’ve shared with you.

Foreman:  With Anika, she has helped me with technique and helped me to be a better actor, she has helped me with camera placement and things like that in Let The Right One In. I saw the TV glow were both very big learning points in my life because both of these roles have helped me to be a better actor, and it’s helping me grow in my journey.

GN: Your character, Isaiah practices magic. Is Magic, something that you knew beforehand, or what kind of preparation went into a role like this?

Foreman: I never did magic before I went in, but I was always into it. I always thought that it was really cool. I was always like, very curious about what they were doing, what kind of trickery they were doing. But like, when I got the role of Isaiah, it opened me to another world, I was pretty excited to learn magic, because ever since I’ve learned that it’s kind of given me a new hobby. Its really fun messing with people’s minds, especially my brothers.

Ian Foreman Talks About the Dangers of Letting the Right One In

GN: The Series has an interesting take on vampires. What can we expect to see from Isaiah in the remainder of the season and future seasons?

Foreman: One thing that you see in Isaiah is he’s really excited about Eleanor by his side. Before Eleanor, he hasn’t had anyone to connect with or bond with and she comes into his life, and they just bond. She opens him up to a whole other world and it’s just really fun with her. But there are limits…”

Lastly, Foreman shares his love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and hopes to one day take part in the MCU or Warner Bros. We could possibly be looking at a future superhero growing in front of our eyes. A big thank you to Ian Foreman and we are very excited to see what the future holds for him.

Check out the trailer below:

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