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How To Boost the Gaming Performance of Your Android

If you’re using your Android to play games, consider using the advice in this article to boost the gaming performance of the device for a better experience!

What are your favorite games to play on your Android? Do you prefer third-person shooter games or sandbox simulation games? Whether you’re playing Fortnite or Stardew Valley, your smartphone might not be running as efficiently to give you the best gaming experience. If you have an Android, learn how to boost your device’s gaming performance for better gameplay.

Minimize Background App Usage

Before you load up your game on your Android, are you ensuring all other apps are closed? You might check your social media, text your significant other, or open other apps before starting your game—leaving these open can hinder your gaming experience. When apps run in the background, your phone isn’t using all its available resources to optimize the game’s performance, so close all other apps before opening the game!

Use a Faster Internet Connection

One of the most frustrating things to encounter when you’re gaming is lag. Lag is typically due to insufficient internet bandwidth or poor internet connection. If you’re struggling to play your game because it keeps lagging, you likely need to upgrade your internet connection to a faster speed.

Maximize the Screen Refresh Rate

Visual effects in gaming are equally important because they add to the experience. You can maximize this setting by increasing the screen refresh rate. Each Android has varying settings, but you can usually change this by going to display under the settings app, clicking on “Advanced,” and then “Refresh Rate.” Whichever option provides the highest refresh rate is the one you should choose for gaming.

Clear Storage Space

Using your phone when your storage space is almost completely full will be tiresome because your phone won’t run as efficiently. Clearing up storage space so you have at least 10% left will boost the gaming performance of your Android. This provides the game app with enough space to run. Consider deleting unused apps, duplicate content, text threads, and pictures that are not important.

Consider Turning on Force 4X MSAA

Who doesn’t want to play their game with the highest quality possible? Enabling 4x MSAA will allocate the phone’s resources to the game you’re playing to optimize your experience for smoother gameplay. Please note that some Androids might not have a powerful enough processor to handle this setting, and you should only use it during the gaming session. Make sure to turn it off again afterward.

You may also need to improve your smartphone battery life to ensure 4x MSAA doesn’t completely drain your phone battery. Ensure your phone can handle this setting before constantly using it. However, it’s great for enhancing the quality of your games.

While you can use your Nintendo Switch or Xbox for gaming, you can also use the device you carry with you everywhere you go! Individuals love to play games on their phones when their bored or because they have free time. If you find yourself always on the same gaming app, why not boost your experience with this advice?

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