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Grandma Chainsaw: Get Ready for Perm-anent Trauma at the Hands of Grandma Hazel

Grandma Chainsaw: Get Ready for Perm-anent Trauma at the Hands of Grandma Hazel

Grandma Chainsaw: Get Ready for Perm-anent Trauma at the Hands of Grandma Hazel

A brand-new Kickstarter project is making its way to the platform tomorrow titled Grandma Chainsaw. The slasher comedy comic looks to bring atmospheric horror to readers in a tale spun out of a vacation gone wrong. Four friends find themselves on the doorstep of Hazel. A seemingly innocent elderly lady that is much more than meets the eye. As the friends walk into a danger they could not have foreseen, the only question that remains is who if anyone will make it out alive.

Grandma Chainsaw was penned by Allen Dunford and Will Radford with art by Brian Balondo, colors by Jasen Smith, and letters by Dave Lentz. Grandma Chainsaw will feature main cover art by Balondo with variant covers by artists Kit Wallis, Ryan Kincaid, and Edward Bentley.

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Dunford shared some words on Grandma Chainsaw and the origin of the blade that will haunt readers within the pages of Grandma Chainsaw #1.

Check it out below:

GN: Where did the idea of Grandma Chainsaw originate?

Dunford: First off, thank you guys so much for taking the time and giving me, and other creators, a platform to talk about our work! The idea for this came about how a lot of my dumb ideas do, while I’m driving. When I’m not being a mediocre comic book writer, I am working in the home health field, and that means a lot of drive time.

When I am not thinking of all of the cringy things I’ve said/done, still thinking of comebacks to things I heard in the 3rd grade, or imagining what I would do if I won the lottery, my imagination gets to breathe while I’m driving. This is kind of where Grandma Chainsaw began. I’ve always wanted to do a slasher series and I could never think of a villain until now!

GN: One of the panels gives off a Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe as Hazel throws her blade up over her head, was TCM an inspiration of the series? What else inspired this madness?

Dunford: OH ABSOLUTELY! Our artist, Brian Balondo, even put the number 74 on one of our main character’s shirt because 1974 was the year TCM came out. We know where our inspirations are and we really want to embrace them. Grandma Chainsaw is really a love letter to TCM, Evil Dead, and things of that nature. We even have Exorcist 3 and Nightmare on Elm Street references in here. What’s great about this genre and comics, it’s fun to merge and blend influences in a fun way!

GN: Your description of Hazel for one of the panels almost seems creature-like. Can you divulge anything about what might be under the surface of the story, or is what we have seen so far straightforward?

Dunford: Without giving too much away, we obviously want Hazel to be sinister. So, we want to make some of her actions larger than life to really drive the fun and fear. We loved the Hansel and Gretel type of feeling we tried to convey in the panels when our characters are welcomed into her home. We wanted to capture that with the knowledge there’s something not right here. Again, I don’t want to give too much away, so you’re going to have to find out!

Grandma Chainsaw #1 will be available through their official Kickstarter project page with an array of rewards that features special covers and merchandise just in time for the slaughterdays! Check out the preview below:

Grandma Chainsaw Trailer

Source: Geek Collective


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