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Bixby Grant Private Eye: Man Turned Mummy with Supernatural Creatures Around Every Corner

Bixby Grant Private Eye: Man Turned Mummy with Supernatural Creatures Around Every Corner

Bixby Grant Private Eye: Man Turned Mummy with Supernatural Creatures Around Every Corner

Bixby Grant Private Eye is coming to Kickstarter from RNM Press. This 80-page full-color graphic novel follows Bixby Grant, the man-turned-mummy private detective. After the love of his life disappears Bixby decides to hang his hat and drink his past away, that is until a new client convinces him to get back out there. This is the first full-length comic for writer Patrick Coyle and he was joined by Penciller/Inker Gonzalo Martinez, Colorist Arthur Hesli, and Letter Steve Wands.

  • BixbyGrant CoverA GonzaloMartinez
  • BixbyGrant CoverC RaphaelAlbuquerque
  • BixbyGrant CoverB JesseLonergan

Check out the official description of Bixby’s first adventure here:

“In the years since Bix became a mummy, Harbor City has become a haven to it’s supernatural citizens; vampires, zombies, werewolves, witches, warlocks, spirits, demons and more. But the man best suited to deal with the troubles and complexities of such an eclectic town has shut himself out of it, choosing to smoke and drink his past away in solitude.

Until a new client calls on Bix and convinces him to take her case; her husband, the son of a local business tycoon, has gone missing. Bix’s new client is worried for her husband’s life; there’s a full moon coming soon, and in Harbor City that means werewolves — LOTS of snarling, bloodthirsty, werewolves!”

The series will also feature variant covers from superstar artists Rafael Albuquerque and Jesse Lonergan which Coyle shares are heroes of his while also praising the talent of series artist Martinez, saying:

“I can’t believe I scored covers from Rafael and Jesse, who are both heroes of mine. And I have to mention Gonzalo Martinez, who is delivering 80 pages of beautiful artwork with terrific storytelling. The entire team is working together to turn my dream project into everything I hoped it would be!”

Speaking of the series, Coyle shared that Bixby has been a story in the making for the past 30 years, saying:

“Bixby Grant has been a project I’ve wanted to make for almost thirty years.”

Bixby Grant, Private Detective coming exclusively to Kickstarter on October 18.

Check out the preview below:

Source: The Geek Collective

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1 Comment

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