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Frankenstein the Unconquered 2: Revenge is Best Served During an Apocalypse

Frankenstein the Unconquered 2: Revenge is Best Served During an Apocalypse

Frankenstein the Unconquered 2: Revenge is Best Served During an Apocalypse

Frankenstein the Unconquered 2 has come to Kickstarter. The 2nd installment of Frankenstein the Unconquered looks to be just as badass and bloody as the first. The story will continue as Frank navigates the apocalypse-ridden Earth. We will also be introduced to two new characters: the Bride and the Wolfman and we will get to see Frank as he battles demons in the past and the future.

Comic co-writers Dalton Shannon and Wells Thompson return for issue 2 in the Frankenstein the Unconquered series, as well as artist Mary Landro, colors by Dahlia Maha, and letters by Nathan Hempf. Cover A will feature art by Heather Vaughan and cover B will feature art by K. Lynn Smith. There will also be their first-ever NSFW Cover C by UK artist Flops.

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Chapter Two introduces two pivotal characters, The Wolfman and The Bride. In the present, Frank discovers a massacre and a lone survivor welcomes him into his home, offering the beast food, comfort and hospitality…until the sun goes down and the full moon rises. Meanwhile, in the past, Frank is attacked by a warlord and must work with his Bride to fight his way out. They’re outnumbered, but far from outmatched. Carnage, anger, and loss permeate comic with consequences that will walk with the Beast for the rest of his unnatural life.

Shannon shares the openness of their influences, saying:

“Frank isn’t a series that’s particularly shy about its influences. From Universal Horror to Conan the Barbarian and every blood-soaked step in between, it’s a book that’s been with us from the very beginnings of our creative careers. I like to think we’re as much a part of Frank’s undead heart as he is of ours and I hope that shines through underneath all of the blood, sweat, and fear that bursts from the page with every turn. Monsters, swords, and the eternal promise of undying hate: what more could a guy ask for?”

Thompson added:

“Frankenstein the Unconquered is a love letter to old school pulpy comics, classic movie monsters, and the literature that inspired them. I’ve always been enamored with creature features and getting to explore them through the lens of this brutal post-apocalypse, where every panel looks like it could be a Megadeath album cover, is just a dream come true. The team is so overwhelmingly talented, it’s massive privilege to work with them on this book. I can’t wait to get it in people’s hands!” 

Lastly, Ladro praises co-writers Shannon & Thompson, saying:

“Frankenstein: The Unconquered is an insanely epic, gruesome, action-packed, horror tale brilliantly written by Dalton and Wells. Working on it and getting to explore darker, grittier tones with my art has been a ton of fun, and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with the whole team to watch it come to life. The story is brilliantly written and only gets better with each page!”

Frankenstein the Unconquered 2 is available through their official Kickstarter page until October 19th, 2022 with a large selection of rewards and special covers to collect.

Check out the preview below:

Source: Kickstarter

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