Discord has reportedly ended acquisition talks with outside parties, including Microsoft. Last month it was reported that Microsoft was one of several potential suitors hoping to buy the popular social app for an amount of $10 billion. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, sources close to the matter have claimed that Discord has decided to remain independent. According to sources, Discord’s reasoning appears to be that the company is performing well on its own. Its current value sits at around $7 billion with over 300 million registered users as of 2020. 

Discussions for an acquisition may have ended now, but there’s always the chance they could pick up again should Discord decide to pursue them. Microsoft would have benefited from adding Discord to it’s recent spew of acquisitions that it has brought under it’s umbrellas as of late. They have been picking up many studios in the recent years, including the Bethesda.

Along with all the acquisitions, Microsoft has been making waves with the Xbox Game Pass. They recently secured Outriders for the Game Pass and have snagged the Playstation-exclusive MLB The Show 21. It goes to wonder what plans Microsoft would have had for Discord, as it has Skype availability on it’s platform, and in my opinion, one of the better chat functionalities available through a console platform.

For now, we get to enjoy the same, independent Discord experience we all know and love, we will look to the future to see what comes our way.

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