Bethesda Graces Fans With Tons Of New STARFIELD Concept Art

Bethesda Graces Fans With Tons Of New STARFIELD Concept Art

Bethesda recently hosted a Skyrim 10th Anniversary Concert celebrating the iconic decade their fantasy franchise has had since its initial release, but that didn’t stop Bethesda from acknowledging their excitement for their next big RPG, Starfield. Towards the end of their broadcast, Todd Howard introduced composer Inon Zur who has scored some very big titles such as Dragon’s Dogma, Dragon Age II, and Outriders. This led to a performance of the “Starfield Suite” by the London Symphony Orchestra.

It’s beautiful in its own right, but it cannot be ignored that we were graced with dozens of new pieces of Starfield concept art. You can check them out below, but we will also attach the video as it is worth checking out.

  • NMJt7VPt9cQMGixKivGSx3 970 80.jpg
  • haPLSPy2gaUjoCzBv6S5F4 970 80.jpg
  • NibPtqMDca9WFhJB5M6T74 970 80.jpg
  • AeSuX2AcUFiNN2QzxUoWm3 970 80.jpg
  • PmwYe8eEbQ5M32M9CRaRc3 970 80.jpg
  • Ccnno7USVDqfMAa7aAhmS3 970 80.jpg
  • gPH7ar8s5gcAdJZp7bVwJ3 970 80.jpg
  • AKAxTdr2xHWc7DiaDrBG93 970 80.jpg
  • 9QntyMrxU5W3DpWqVzeGy 970 80.jpg
  • ZwvVupoKeAgnrisPRqXun 970 80.jpg
  • 2g3HU4cQ7BTMsJTc6sqPe 970 80.jpg
  • j7qKcAG9vuhrkcuYpWxFS 970 80.jpg
  • RpH4GGSwB75RYxKimsEFH 970 80.jpg

Starfield is set to release on November 11th, 2022, and will be available on PC, and Xbox Series X/S ( available as day one Game Pass release).

Source: Bethesda/YouTube

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