Apple Music Is Now Available On The PlayStation 5

Apple Music Is Now Available On The PlayStation 5

Apple’s colossal music player and music subscription service has made its way to the PlayStation 5 console as it makes its app available on the next-gen console.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog today. This makes Sony’s PS5 console the very first console “to introduce an integrated Apple Music experience.” The app gives you the full Apple Music experience with access to playlists, curation, and radio stations. Podcasts aren’t on the menu, unfortunately, but still, this is a big win!

Here’s what users can expect from the Apple Music app:

“Starting today, PS5 users with an Apple Music subscription can enjoy more than 90 million songs from Apple Music, tens of thousands of curated playlists, music videos in 4K, Apple Music Radio streaming today’s hits, classics, and country live, and personalized playlists based on your music preferences.”

For those of you who have used the Spotify app, things are similar in the sense that you can enjoy music from the Apple Music app in the background while playing games, but there is one very cool feature included as well. Players can find the Music Function card on the PS5 Control Center, Apple Music subscribers can “find recommendations that match the game they are currently playing, or choose from a playlist in their library or other Apple Music-curated playlists for gaming.” 

Apple Music subscribers will be able to download the app on their PlayStation 5 starting today.


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