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Alien Sequel from Horror Director Fede Álvarez Coming to Hulu

Alien Sequel from Horror Director Fede Álvarez Coming to Hulu

Alien Sequel from Horror Director Fede Álvarez Coming to Hulu

Fede Álvarez has made strides in the horror genre and has tackled fan-favorite franchises such as his 2013 Evil Dead reboot. He’s also delved in his original madness with Don’t Breathe which saw a sequel come to fruition recently. Álvarez is now going to tackle another big franchise and one that teeters the lines of sci-fi and horror with The Hollywood Reporter exclusive revealing that Álvarez will write and direct a stand-alone Alien film.

The 20th Century Studios film will be heading for release on Hulu and original director Ridley Scott will board the project as a producer. The film is set to be part of 20th Century’s new plan to release ten films a year on the streaming platform.

There aren’t many details known about the project, but according to THR’s sources, the film is set to be a stand-alone film with no connection to the previous entries in the franchise. THR also noted that those same sources revealed that Álvarez is a big fan of the series and the project is an idea he pitched to Scott years ago. It seems the idea stayed with Scott all these years and last year Scott reached out to Álvarez to see if he was still interested in doing the project.

20th Century Division President Steve Asbell said they picked up the project:

“purely off the strength of Fede’s pitch.”

He continued on by saying, “It was just a really good story with a bunch of characters you haven’t seen before.” Asbell also talked about the Hulu aspect of the project and how that allows them not to compromise their vision for a theatrical release. He stated, “It’s not a film that has to be all things to all people with those gargantuan budgets. They get to be authentically what they are. And this is closer to its genre roots.”

Alien Sequel from Horror Director Fede Álvarez Coming to Hulu

Álvarez’s love of the franchise is certainly something that will help the film excel and the original mastermind of Scott being involved to any extent is sure to further push this into the sci-fi full-blown horror we have experienced from Aliens in the past. Anyone who has seen Evil Dead knows that Álvarez has a deep passion for horror and does not shy away from big franchises, so you can expect some horrific visuals.

Source: THR



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