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Twin Temple – Satanic Doo-Wop Rocks the Nile Theater

Twin Temple – Satanic Doo-Wop Rocks the Nile Theater

Twin Temple – Satanic Doo-Wop Rocks the Nile Theater

The hit duo Twin Temple rolled through The Nile Theater to bring their unique sound described as “Satanic Doo-Wop” to Arizona. In what delivers a stylish blend of their ideology with the irresistible sounds of ’50s and ’60s rock and roll, the duo gave a memorable performance that had us throwing our horns up in the air throughout the night.

As we gathered not only to kick off the North American tour of Twin Temple but to also hail Satan in a positive light. We hailed Satan in order to fight sexism, racism, and ignorance. After mass, the show started. The doo-wop/rockabilly duo really knows how to put on a performance. They sound good on record, and as a live act which is a hell of a one-two punch that has Twin Temple‘s sound consuming us at all hours of the day.

After the show was done I really wanted to go grab a burger and a shake at the local diner and pop every nickel in my pocket into a jukebox. That’s the kind of experience that Twin Temple delivers. It carries you through the night and you find yourself connecting their sound with the reminiscent connections we still have to the iconic times of ’50s and ’60s rock and roll.

From Alexandra’s “Amy Winehouse” iconic voice to Zachary’s smooth Buddy Holly guitar sounds, and the rest of the band. They will have you swaying and traveling to those 50’s groups with a hint of Satan. The event felt like a time capsule of the golden era of rock and roll had been ripped open at The Nile Theater and Twin Temple delivered a devilish and dazzling performance that will stick with me for a long time.

If you find Twin Temple in your neck of the woods then be sure to check them out to experience the unique rock and roll experience yourself. Check their official website for any upcoming shows.

Editorial by: Daniel Barroso

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