TIGHTS ISSUE #1 Review: Not All Heroes Wear Capes

TIGHTS ISSUE #1 Review: Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Tights: Issue #1
Creator/Writer: Chris Waigand
Artist: Edison Neo
Letters: Reed Hinckley-Barnes

Before we jump into this review, let’s talk about a few key things. We all know that the world has been in a state other than its own for quite some time, much longer than any of us would’ve liked to. So I just want to take a second and thank all the creators in all forms of media who have continued to provide us with outlets to escape whatever troubles we may be dealing with. Now, let’s talk Tights Issue #1. Comics that can just use humor to laugh at some of what causes us real, everyday stress is an underrated art. First, let me tell you what Tights is about, so I don’t lose ya in my gushing rants.

Tights official description from the masterminds behind this project reads:

“The world is recovering from COVID-21. Global economies are in the toilet, crime rates approach record highs, and now everyday superheroes, aka “Tights,” have emerged in an attempt to right society’s wrongs.

Unfortunately, most of these Tights don’t have any professional crime-fighting skills to speak of, let alone superpowers. No, they’re out-of-work regular Joe and Jane vigilantes who often find themselves clogging up the criminal justice system and fighting a losing battle against law and order. That’s why they’re a particular pain in the ass for our protagonist—the young, brash, anti-Tights federal judge, OLIVER ANDREWS. 

But when Oliver is blackmailed by a group of Tights into helping them take down San Francisco’s major crime syndicates, he will ultimately find himself becoming the very thing he hates most—a superhero.”

There ya have it. In a world where everyone wants to be a hero, and the realism that maybe not everyone has the chops to be one, Tights takes a superhero genre that has oversaturated entertainment (not complaining, so put the pitchforks away), and blends the reality of what the world would look like if your everyday citizens went out and tried to fight crime. As sad as that could sound, the creative team hits another aspect out of the park by making this a comic that is filled with pop culture references, humor, and real-life issues. Plus you have to give credit to those of us that are out there spreading the truth about Die Hard being a CHRISTMAS MOVIE. Ya heard me, you non-believers.

Apart from the humor, pop culture references and touching on the state of our world. The creators do a kick-ass job of giving us a compelling narrative, fleshing out the characters that we are introduced to, and all while dropping some killer artwork from artist Edison Neo that puts this humorous world in limelight. Chris Waigand makes use of every panel and page with the precision of a seasoned vet, not wasting a line as it all serves a purpose to either entertain or push his narrative forward. The lettering from Reed Hinckley-Barnes is superb. It’s blended into the rest of the work seamlessly and shows why letterers are not to be taken for granted, these guys do some fantastic work and yes, it’s subtle, but that’s because they are doing a hell of a job to piece these words together.

Overall, this comic is a nice escape from the world. It was fun, it made me laugh and also gave me a gruesome picture of what this world could look like if we all decided we could fight crime. I cannot wait to find out more about these characters and with only a week left on this Kickstarter project. The window is closing for you to enjoy this superhero journey that turns all the tropes on its head. It takes a familiar world and story and freshens it up for those longtime fans of the superhero genre and newcomers who want a unique take on it. Be sure to visit their project page before November 5th and secure your copy!

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