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Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt's The Sixth Gun Returns with Deluxe Omnibus Library on Kickstarter

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Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt’s The Sixth Gun Returns with Deluxe Omnibus Library on Kickstarter

Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt’s The Sixth Gun Returns with Deluxe Omnibus Library on Kickstarter

Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt’s The Sixth Gun Returns with Deluxe Omnibus Library on Kickstarter

The beloved Oni Press series from Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt live again as the creators get ready to bring back the fan-favorite series The Sixth Gun with a Deluxe Omnibus Library. The original series which ran for more than 60 issues still sits atop as the publisher’s longest-running creator-owned series and looks to expand on this accolade as Bunn and Hurtt use the launch of the Omnibus Library as the launching point to set up the return of The Sixth Gun in 2025.

The Sixth Gun Returns

The description for The Sixth Gun reads:

The year is 1866. The Confederacy has fallen, but evil still pervades a scarred nation. In the aftermath of the Civil War, rebel general Oliander Hume – mad with bloodlust and warped even further by the force of an impossibly dark magic – searches the frontier for six guns: ancient weapons of unspeakable occult power, believed to convey to otherworldly gifts to the unlucky souls who would possess them. Most important of all to Hume’s quest: THE SIXTH GUN, the last and most powerful of these cursed relics, and the key to unleashing Armageddon upon the world as we know it.

Bunn shares in the press release that he has spoken of the return of the series with Hurtt since it wrapped up, saying:

“From the moment we wrapped up THE SIXTH GUN, Brian and I have been discussing how we might return to that world. SHADOW ROADS was a successor to the original story, yes, but we intentionally distanced those stories from the original material. We were treading very carefully. We had poured our blood, sweat, and tears into this epic Old West fantasy, and we didn’t want to return too haphazardly.

We wanted to make sure we had an amazing story to tell. Now, we’ve found that story. And it’s going to be something special. It fuses THE SIXTH GUN and SHADOW ROADS into a new supernatural epic. When we discuss this new story, this new direction, I get positively giddy. It’s the same feeling of excitement I experienced when we were cooking up THE SIXTH GUN in the first place.”

Hurtt added:

“There’s no better feeling than creative collaboration and there is no better collaborator than Cullen Bunn. Together, we built this world of THE SIXTH GUN—a sandbox full of endless possibilities and endless stories—and we played out our biggest tale there. We thought we’d said our peace.

We thought we’d left it all on the field. But this universe we created had different plans for us. Now, we have a new story to tell—one we feel compelled to tell. A story that not only honors what came before but even enriches it. I feel like Dorothy returning to Oz and I can hardly wait to share this journey with readers!”

The Sixth Gun Returns

The Sixth Gun: Deluxe Omnibus Library comes packed with many levels of the acclaimed series for readers to jump into or revisit. The campaign features four hardcover volumes collecting the entire journey and will also feature three brand-new prelude stories which put the pieces in place for the return of The Sixth Gun.

The entire collection will feature The Sixth Gun #1-50, The Sixth Gun: Sons of the Gun #1-5, The Sixth Gun: Days of the Dead #1-5, The Sixth Gun: Dust to Dust #1-3, and The Sixth Gun: Valley of Death #1-3. It doesn’t stop there as it also includes the spinoff series Shadow Roads #1-10. Lastly, as mentioned above, the campaign will feature the new prelude stories setting up the next chapter in 2025 for the series’ 15th anniversary.

You can head to The Sixth Gun‘s official Kickstarter page now and grab your exclusive copy of the classic series as you get ready for the action classic to return with new bullet-riddles stories.

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