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The Ones: Jinxworld Adds New Superhero Series To Its Line of Titles At Dark Horse Comics

The Ones: Jinxworld Adds New Superhero Series To Its Line of Titles At Dark Horse Comics

The Ones: Jinxworld Adds New Superhero Series To Its Line of Titles At Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics has announced a unique new superhero series coming from Brian Michael BendisJinxworld titled The Ones. The new series adds to the growing list of titles from Bendis’ creator-owned projects that have found a home at Dark Horse.

Bendis has tackled an immense number of heroes from both Marvel Comics and DC Comics over the years and with his focus now on creating and expanding the characters of his creation, the new series teams Bendis up with co-creator & artist Jacob Edgar and colorist K.J. Diaz to embark on a story that brings together all the characters in every mythology who have been deemed to be “The One” to join forces against the actual “The One”.

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Dark Horse Comics‘ description of The Ones reads:

“Every single person in every mythology who were told they were THE ONE are brought together for the first time to defeat… THE ONE. The actual one. The real actual one. Think Good Omens meets Ghostbusters meets The Adam Project meets The Goonies meets Everything Everywhere All at Once meets, um, anything else you’ve ever liked!”

Bendis praises Edgar’s talent and their excitement in creating the project alongside them, saying:

“Jacob is an amazing artist and creating this brand-new, fun-as-hell world with him has been one of the greatest delights. Wilson and the rest of The Ones are among my absolute favorite creations I’ve ever been a part of and I can’t wait to introduce you to all of them.”

Edgar adds that they continue to geek out over the amazing creation he and Bendis have brought to life, saying:

“I’m beyond thrilled and still geeking out to be teaming with Brian on this project and bringing all these amazing, crazy characters to life. I’ve always felt like comedy in comics is tough to do, but I genuinely laugh out loud reading these scripts as they come in. So, I’m excited for the comics world to get to experience what I’ve been enjoying. Beyond the comedy, we’ve got plenty of action coming your way as well, this book is a blast to work on.”

The Ones #1 will be available at your favorite local comic shops and digitally on November 2nd, 2022. Check out the covers below including variants by artists Dan Hipp, and Yanick Parquette:

Source: Dark Horse Comics


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