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DC’s The Brave and the Bold Will Be Directed by Andy Muschietti

DC’s The Brave and the Bold Will Be Directed by Andy Muschietti

DC’s The Brave and the Bold Will Be Directed by Andy Muschietti

Warner Bros. has announced that The Flash‘s Andy Muschietti will be directing the upcoming DC film The Brave and the Bold. THR reported that the director was officially tapped to helm the film after his most recent work on the studio’s film featuring the Scarlet Speedster released in theaters today. The film has already gotten praise and is set to break the DCU down to its foundation as James Gunn and Peter Safran take the reins of DC Studios to begin the first stage of their plan that begins with “Gods and Monsters”.

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The new DCU is set to have a new look that will not only extend to its films but also tie into TV projects and video games. In The Flash, we see Barry Allen realize he has the potential to go back in time and attempt to save his mother. Batman/Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) warns him of the dangers and repercussions that could follow his tampering with the past but by the time Barry realizes this to be true, he finds himself trapped in an alternate timeline which leads to an explosive film inspired by DC ComicsFlashpoint.

The Brave and the Bold was previously announced by Gunn and Safran as part of their 10-year plan which will begin with Superman: Legacy which has been running through the rumor mill quite a bit recently as fans and media all take their turns trying to determine who will take on the role of the Kryptonian after it was revealed Henry Cavill will not return as Superman. The Brave and the Bold is sure to be a focal film in the new DCU plan as we will be introduced to Bruce’s son, Damian Wayne who eventually becomes Robin.

This is also interesting as it was revealed that the DCU will have its version of Elseworlds which means that there is going to be multiple Batman’s in different universes as Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson continue to tell their story within their universe and leaves the door open for another or multiple Batman’s to become the Dark Knight or reprise their role as the Dark Knight…

The Brave and the Bold

Stay tuned as more information is revealed on The Brave and the Bold.

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