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eJUNKY #1: Technology Reigns Supreme in the Sci-Fi Noir Series

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eJUNKY #1: Technology Reigns Supreme in the Sci-Fi Noir Series

eJUNKY #1: Technology Reigns Supreme in the Sci-Fi Noir Series

eJUNKY #1: Technology Reigns Supreme in the Sci-Fi Noir Series

Scout Comics has introduced readers to eJUNKY #1. The series takes readers into the not-so-distant future that has technology embedded into every fragment of our lives and even goes as far as eliminating pain and suffering. Nothing ever comes without a cost and the cult group Guardians of Pain are here to show the experience junkies what becomes of those who rely on technology for every aspect of their life.

The series is penned by Nicholas Tana with art by Kyle Faehnrich. eJUNKY will feature cover art by Darick Robertson with variant covers by artists Daniele Serra and Stefano Cardoselli.

Scout Comics‘ description of eJUNKY reads:

In the year 2055, technology has reshaped humanity. Some people use nerve reading devices (N.R.D.S) to share dreams. Others use emo-regs to filter and regulate emotions. Meanwhile, a growing group of addicts, called eJUNKIES, seek every kind of human experience by using drugs made up of other people’s memory cells.

When Hector Holmes, a disgraced investigator and eJUNKY nearly overdoses, his previous partner from the alternative reality investigation squad (A.R.I.S) requests his help. Their mission: stop a terrorist group attempting to “wake” people to a painful past in an effort to start a revolution.

Many series have delved into the world of sci-fi and have blended it with the grittiness of noir. This takes it one step further as you can clearly see a deep inspiration that Tana has tapped into. Even within the description itself, you see that even with the story beginning to be told, he already has an entire universe inside his mind and his personal transformation has been key in creating a unique narrative that shows the value of technology while also honestly showing the teetering of having such power at our disposal.

Tana shares his personal journey which inspired the story of eJUNKY, saying:

“The risks and consequences of relying on technology to solve all our human problems are a central theme in eJUNKY.  By writing eJUNKY, I wanted to explore the value of pain in a way that gave it new meaning and purpose. As a society, we try everything possible to erase suffering from our lives. However, after embarking on a deep spiritual meditation practice to combat anxiety and depression, I’ve learned to confront pain, to transform it, to give my life new meaning.”

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You can get your hands on eJUNKY #1 or pre-order the paperback by visiting Scout Comics and Simon and Schuster‘s official websites.

Check out the trailer for eJUNKY below:

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