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Tear Us Apart: Jay Baruchel & Van Jensen Being A Shakespearean Love Tale Drenched in Blood To Dark Horse

Tear Us Apart: Jay Baruchel & Van Jensen Being A Shakespearean Love Tale Drenched in Blood To Dark Horse

Tear Us Apart: Jay Baruchel & Van Jensen Being A Shakespearean Love Tale Drenched in Blood To Dark Horse

Dark Horse Comics has announced a new limited series by beloved actor Jay Baruchel who teams up with admired writer Van Jensen for this Shakespearean love tale that will douse readers in bloodshed. Baruchel and Jensen will team up with artist and colorist Alessandro Micelli and letterer Taylor Esposito

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Dark Horse’s description of Tear Us Apart reads: 

Deep in the Canadian wilderness, a vicious cult, dedicated to an ideology of pain, trains children to become deadly assassins. In the midst of this world of cruelty, two teenagers break the cardinal rule—by falling in love. The only thing standing between them and happily ever after is an army of murderers with a taste for blood.

Jensen calls Tear Us Apart a love letter to the 90s, saying: 

“This comic is a love letter to the 1990s. A story we can all relate to. A boy and a girl meet and fall in love, and the only thing between them and a happy ending is a horde of the world’s best killers.”

A Romeo and Juliet assassin story? What’s not to love about this? This is gearing up to be a drama-filled love story packing a punch of action that fans of many genres can jump into. Baruchel is not only a legendary comedy actor but does have some experience in published works as well having worked on Born Into It: A Fan’s Life and Captain Canuck

Baruchel comes with good company on the writing front bringing Jensen whose credits include working on The Flash and James Bond. The pair also worked together on Captain Canuck Season 4 which makes this a reunion and should be another killer collaboration. 

Tear Us Apart issue #1 will be available at your favorite local comic book shop and digitally on September 6, 2023. 

Check out the cover reveal below: 

Tear Us Apart



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