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Skull & Bones Gameplay and Release Date Revealed At Ubisoft Forward

Skull & Bones Gameplay and Release Date Revealed At Ubisoft Forward

Skull & Bones Gameplay and Release Date Revealed At Ubisoft Forward

Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones trailer was on full display at today’s Ubisoft Forward as the developer revealed gameplay of the multiplayer pirate game and also announced a release date. Since the E3 announcement in 2017, the title has seen delay after delay and was even thought to be canceled due to the lack of updates. We have now gotten to see it in action and it looks glorious.

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Ubisoft Singapore producer Vanessa Snow noted that Skull & Bones has evolved since it was first announced in 2017, saying:

“Forget everything you know about the traditional pirate fantasy, Skull and Bones is taking a darker and grittier approach with our new game direction. We wanted to reimagine what pirates were really like, drawing inspiration from the Indian Ocean during the Golden Age of piracy. You start as a shipwreck survivor, washed up in an unknown, mysterious, and exotic location.

This is a world where everything and everyone wants you dead. You’ll come face to face with many dangers: from vicious hippos and crocodiles to violent storms, pirate hunters, powerful corporations, and even the mutiny of your very own crew.”

In what is now described as an open-sea experience, players will begin their pirate journey on a small ship called the Dhow. Players will fend off the wildlife with a spear and they will begin their voyage by completing contracts and befriending fellow pirates. As you raise your infamy level, new blueprints, weapons, armors, and ship designs will become available. As you continue to explore the Indian Ocean’s coast, you will come across many threats other than wildlife such as royal fleets and even weather. You will need to monitor the skies for violent storms and even rogue waves as you sail the seas.

There will be a second Ubisoft Forward live stream coming on September 10th, 2022 as well but no indication as to what games will be featured on that day but the blog post by Ubisoft made note that it will touch on multiple projects.

Skull & Bones Gameplay and Release Date Announced At Ubisoft Forward

Skull & Bones is slated to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 8th, 2022. Check out the gameplay reveal below:

Source: Ubisoft



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