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Mad Cave dishes the scoop on Scoop Vol. 1: Breaking News

Mad Cave Studios and Maverick have announced Scoop Vol. 1: Breaking News written by Cuban American author and screenwriter, Richard Ashley Hamilton. Hamilton is best known for his work with Dreamworks on How to Train Your Dragon and Guillermo Del Toro’s Tales of Arcadia. Scoop follows 15-year old Sophie Cooper as she investigates the paranormal activity in South Florida to unravel the mysteries and clear her fathers name. Check out the full synopsis from Mad Cave Studios below:

When the news breaks, someone needs to fix it. That’s where Sophie Cooper— redheaded Cuban-American, high school freshman, and intern at Miami’s worst TV news station — comes in.

After her father is wrongfully accused of a crime he didn’t commit, fifteen-year-old Sophie Cooper volunteers for an internship at a Miami TV news station. Between logging tapes and fetching coffee, she secretly investigates South Florida’s rampant paranormal activity in order to clear her family’s name — and unwittingly stumbles upon a secret, supernatural conspiracy that threatens the entire world.

Miami born Hamilton discusses partnering with the Miami based publisher:

“I can’t even begin to tell you how privileged and personally moved I feel to be bringing SCOOP to Maverick and my hometown of Miami — but I’ll sure try! SCOOP has always been a love letter to South Florida, and everyone at Maverick has put in just as much love in remastering, supporting, and expanding our supernatural sleuth series across several volumes.”

Hamilton continued, “Now we can present this story in an even deeper, more emotional way as Sophie, Hal, the WMIA 7 news team, and the rest of the cast investigate a vast paranormal conspiracy that touches them all. At its heart, SCOOP is about one girl’s quest for the truth (with a side of teen relationship drama and sci-fi spectacle, of course). So please believe me when I say that I truly cannot wait for readers to embrace our diverse characters, vibrant setting, and fun whodunit mystery the way Maverick has!”

Scoop Vol 1: Breaking News

Scoop Vol 1: Breaking News is available for pre-order wherever books are sold and will be available at your favorite local comic shop on April 20th, 2024.

Kristin Sauceda
Kristin Sauceda

Kristin Sauceda

A bibliophile geek who enjoys reading both novels and comics but has always had a love of video games. She has been working her way through classic games she didn’t have a chance to play like Mass Effect, Uncharted, and Dragon Age.

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