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Blake’s Buzz Reviews: Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Episodes 1 and 2

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Episodes 1 and 2

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
Created by: Chris Black & Matt Fraction
Starring: Wyatt Russell, Kurt Russell, Anna Sawai, Mari Yamamoto, Ren Watabe, Kiersey Clemons, Joe Tippett, & Elisa Lasowski
Streaming on Apple TV+

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Monarch, Apple TV+‘s latest offering in the realm of monster-themed entertainment, sets the stage with a compelling blend of humanity, intrigue, and colossal creatures. The show introduces us to a world where monsters are no longer mere myths, intertwining the legacy of a family with the enigmatic organization known as Monarch.

From the get-go, Monarch boldly balances the larger-than-life Kaiju spectacle with poignant human narratives. Initially, I was skeptical about the emphasis on human stories in a show centered around gargantuan creatures, but this juxtaposition is crucial for the series’ resonance. It’s this human element that breathes depth into the monstrous spectacle, creating a more immersive and emotionally resonant experience.

The ensemble cast is a standout feature, exuding remarkable chemistry and individual prowess. Split between past and present, characters like Keiko, Mari Yamamoto, Lee, Wyatt Russell, and William, Anders Holm, delve into Monarch’s origins. Meanwhile, in the modern-day arc, Cate, Anna Sawai, Kentaro, Ren Watabe, and May, Kiersey Clemons, navigate evading Monarch’s pursuit.

The brilliance of the dual portrayal of Lee Shaw by both Wyatt and Kurt Russell is a blast to watch. Each actor brings a unique perspective to the character, capturing the essence of different life stages with finesse. Wyatt embodies youthful exuberance without being grating, while Kurt infuses the character with seasoned weariness, distrust, and paranoia—a testament to his long-lived journey.

The interwoven narratives create tension and intrigue, especially in how the past and present characters gravitate and diverge from the mysteries surrounding Monarch. The inclusion of MUTOs, the massive unidentified terrestrial organisms, ties the storyline to the core essence of monster hunting, catering to fans’ expectations while also exploring characters’ varied motivations.

I know I’ve been talking a lot about the relationships between the actors, but trust that this show is about monster hunting, and you can’t be a great monster hunter without monsters.

Having had the opportunity to preview eight episodes, I must admit my unabashed love for this series. As a self-proclaimed Kaiju aficionado, Monarch resonates deeply with its fast-paced storytelling and nods to the Kaiju lore. However, beyond catering to the Kaiju fandom, its emphasis on humanity, themes of found family, and well-crafted drama make it appealing to a broader audience unfamiliar with the Kaiju phenomenon.

I wholeheartedly recommend giving Monarch a watch. It’s a wondrous blend of spectacle and emotional depth that promises an exciting journey for both Kaiju nerds and newcomers alike. As the series progresses, I’m eagerly looking forward to exploring more and engaging with fellow fans in discussions. Whether you’re a seasoned Kaiju nerd or simply curious, join in—Monarch invites us all into its enthralling world.

Stay tuned for more reviews and share your thoughts! We’d love to know what you think about the show, so leave some comments and come back next week for another review when the third episode drops!

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Blake Thomas Morgan

Blake Thomas Morgan is the creator of Blake’s Buzz. He spends his time talking into microphones and promoting indie comics.

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