New Dead By Daylight Survivor Is A Witch – Just in time for Halloween

New Dead By Daylight Survivor Is A Witch

Dead by Daylight is getting a new survivor next month just in time for Halloween as part of the Hour of the Witch content drop. Mikaela Reid will join the lineup of survivors as a witch. Reid writes horror stories and, not surprisingly, loves Halloween. As to what perks she will be bringing to the mix, Reid can be slotted with any perks to play.

Check out the Hour of the Witch Mikaela Reid trailer below to get a look at the latest addition to the asymmetrical survivor horror game. Reid has some serious style to bring to the game and is likely to get some super cool skin cosmetics as time goes on.

We should see plenty of games get into the Halloween spirit with content and cosmetic drops, but let us know what you are expecting from Dead By Daylight.

Source: Dead By Daylight/YouTube

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