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LGBTQ+ Characters

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LGBTQ+ Characters We Love

In celebration of Pride Month, we have collected a few of the LGBTQ+ Characters that we love.

LGBTQ+ Characters

In celebration of Pride month 2021, we at Geek Network have compiled a list of LGBTQ+ characters in pop culture that we have all loved. Whether it be movies, TV shows, video games, or even comics, as years pass we continue to make strides towards equality, we find reasons to celebrate the victories, both big and small for our loved ones in the LGBTQ+ community. Today, we celebrate the characters that have won our hearts on the screen. We hope you enjoy our picks and as always, geek responsibly.


kurthummelseason5 e1589070973789 edited
Kurt Elizabeth Hummel

Kurt is one of the leads from the musical comedy series Glee. Portrayed by actor Chris Colfer, Kurt was a courageous, glamorous, and compassionate character on Glee who dealt with bullying for being different. The series and his character touched on issues that many have faced in school with bullying and the overall feeling of not fitting in. Kurt’s strength and compassion showed us and the world that being “normal” isn’t the only answer. That and his relationship with his father ultimately won us over and earned him a spot on our list.

willow edited
Willow Rosenberg

Willow was a shy and nerdy character who was able to find queer love while saving the world. Portrayed by Alyson Hannigan, Willow befriended Buffy when she arrived at Sunnydale High School. Not aware of Buffy’s extracurricular activities as a vampire slayer, Willow not only becomes Buffy’s best friend but an integral part of Buffy’s gang as they save the day. We love this character as she was not only one of the most lovable characters in this series, but Willow’s character is relatable to many, considering come to terms with her sexuality until later in her journey.


The main protagonist in the sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra. Korra was Aang’s successor as the Avatar. The series followed Korra as she trained to master bending the elements and fulfill her role as the next Avatar, bringing and maintaining peace among the 4 nations. In the final episode of the series, we see Korra and another female protagonist Asami enter a romantic relationship. This was among the first portrayals of a queer relationship in a mainstream American animated series and considerably a milestone for queer audiences who did not see themselves represented in mainstream media.

b3wzj2dwv0t41 edited
Captain Raymond Holt

Captain Holt is a character in the comedy series Brooklyn 99. He is an openly gay black man that takes command as the new captain of the 99th precinct. Holt becomes a leader, mentor, and father figure to many of the characters in the series, although not without friction, Holt inevitably finds his place among the squad, and becomes one of the biggest pieces of the precinct. Holt came out in the 80s and we love him because as an openly gay black man, he is not represented by either of those stereotypes, he is always true to himself and proves as a testament to the writers’ room of the series.

Ellie Phimister Earth TRN414 edited
Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Marvel has become a tyrant and influence in the entire entertainment industry, and although Negasonic was technically a product of 20th Century Fox, it is now a property of Disney so I suppose they get the credit here. Negasonic was introduced in the film Deadpool and even with many LGBTQ+ characters in Marvel comics, Negasonic was the first LGBTQ+ Marvel character on screen, this was confirmed in Deadpool 2 when she introduces Deadpool to her girlfriend Yukio. For this reason and the fact that she is a sarcastic, badass, there was no way she couldn’t be on the list.

unnamed 1 edited
Charlie Bradbury

Good ol’ Charlie is perhaps one of the top 5 most lovable Supernatural characters that Dean and Sam come across during their journey of saving the world. Charlie dropped in during season 7 as Sam and Dean took on the Leviathans. Portrayed by Felicia Day, Charlie was a nerdy, quirky character that kicked some serious ass and channeled her inner fangirl that resonated with every single viewer, after all, that was exactly who we were! The Star Wars tattoo, the larping, and the graphic t-shirts we all own made Charlie an absolutely great queer character that not only was a great representation for the LGBTQ+ community but a great representation for the entire fandom.

oitnb gal 031 h 4b12bfb2bb710083debf3bda20df9f877910fcdb edited
Sophia Burset

Sophia was a character in the Netflix original series. Portrayed by Laverne Cox, Sophia was an iconic character in many ways. She was a strong, stylish character who brought much sass to the series. Sophia not only helped the other inmates feel beautiful through her salon but always gave sage advice to those in need while letting her vibrant personality shine. Cox became the first openly transgender actress to be nominated for a Primetime acting Emmy and made her the first Trans woman of color to have a leading role on a mainstream scripted television series.

Video Games

the last of us part 2 ellie

Ellie is the protagonist of the hit video game series The Last of Us and The Last of Us 2. We can’t help but love how Naughty Dog approached her character. She had already been established as an amazing character before her sexuality ever came into play. It wasn’t what defined her, rather, it was her actions in the games that did. When we do get to that scene between her and Riley, it felt completely natural and much deserved.

dragon age 2009 should followers be playersexual edited
Dorian Pavus

Dorian is one of BioWare’s LGBTQ characters, and one of our favorite video game characters of all time. Dorian makes his appearance in Dragon Age: Inquisition as an expert mage who is cocky, sarcastic, and wildly entertaining, and watching his story unfold is one of the best plotlines we have experienced. This includes you accompanying Dorian as he comes out to his father, now this doesn’t end well, and unfortunately, I am sure many LGBTQ+ individuals can relate to this experience, but despite this downfall, Dorian remains one of the most wonderful and beautiful characters in this series.

chloe price life is strange blue haired wallpaper
Chloe Price

Chloe is a character in the hit video game Life is Strange. Although her sexuality is not a main topic, as your relationship forms with her as you play as Max, and there is a possibility of a romance blooming between the two if the choices you make in the game lead to that. As you play the prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm, you do realize how complicated everything really is, but hey, love can be complicated and despite it all, Chloe is a wonderful character and the representation and choice of a queer relationship are admirable.

ezgif 7 554b9b09c3d8 edited

Tracer is a character in the massively popular video game Overwatch. Tracer was one of the first LGBTQ+ characters to be confirmed in Overwatch and it was done so in a wholesome panel of her very own comic titled ‘Tracer.’ In it, we’re introduced to Tracer’s girlfriend, Emily. The comic is short and sweet, showing them celebrating the holidays together, sharing gifts, and also sharing a kiss.

Comic Books

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John Constantine

John Constantine is a comic book character that has made MANY appearances in many different comic book series, but it was in issue #51 of Hellblazer that he confirms his bi-sexuality saying: “Girlfriends, the odd boyfriend… they all have a nasty habit of walking out on me.” Now, this fact was already fairly known with the occasional line mentioning it, but it wasn’t until Matt Ryan‘s portrayal of Constantine in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow that we see this openly explored and we applaud the series for finally allowing this to be more than your subtle nod. Constantine is by far one of the funniest and most entertaining characters to experience both on-screen and in comics, so there is really no reason not to love him.

empyreaftermath 2
Wiccan and Hulkling

These two Marvel characters are just too adorable to even separate on this list. Both were introduced in 2005’s Young Avengers and although it was clear there was more to their relationship than just a friendship, it did take some time for this love story to unfold. Although it took time, it did grace comic book readers with the first-ever same-sex superhero wedding in issue #4 of Empyre. This was a giant leap forward for the comic book industry and therefore, it deserves to be celebrated.

loki marvel comic 2019

Loki is a pivotal character not only in Marvel comics, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which he is portrayed by Tom Hiddleston. Fans have labeled Loki as genderfluid and Asexual, but most recently Loki was identified as bi-sexual, although he has made it known that his sexuality is based on different cultural beliefs than those we have on Earth. He is one of Marvel’s most popular characters and has done so much for comics and the small/big screen through his standalone series and appearances in the Marvel films, and for this reason, he makes it on this list of LGBTQ+ characters.

Untitled design 2021 06 04T124441.305
America Chavez

America Chavez is a groundbreaking character. Created by Gabby Rivera and Joe Quinones Miss America is one seriously amazing hero. She is Marvel’s first Latin-American LGBTQ character. With her power over space and time, her series offered some empowering heroism and that landed her a spot on our list.

To learn more about the LGBTQ+ community and how you can help, please visit the HRC.

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