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How To Prevent Eye Strain While Playing Video Games

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How To Prevent Eye Strain While Playing Video Games

Are you worried you could be feeling your eyes are wearing out from gaming too much? Here are some tips for preventing your eyes from straining while gaming.

Gaming may seem like a leisurely and relaxing experience to some people, but real gamers know that this is not always the case. We’ve all had the experience of starting a game and having hours pass before we know it. And we barely take our eyes off our TV or gaming monitor during that whole time. Even if your eyes feel healthy and fine, don’t overlook the possible harm that long hours of gaming can eventually take on your eyes. Learn how to prevent eye strain while playing video games with these simple tips.

Use the 20-20-20 Rule

Like other muscles in your body, your eyes need a break once in a while. If you’re in the middle of a gaming marathon, remember the “20-20-20 rule.” Every 20 minutes, give your eyes a break for 20 seconds by looking at something 20 feet away. Your eyes use certain muscles to focus on a close target, like your computer monitor. Shifting your focus to something further away for a few seconds can relieve those muscles.

Adjust Your Gaming Surroundings

It’s not just the light and motion of your gaming monitor that can affect your eyes. The surroundings of your gaming setup can wear on your eyes if you’re not careful. The brightness of the light in the room should be dimmer than your monitor to prevent squinting while gaming. It’s also helpful to adjust your monitor so that it’s around 18 to 30 inches away from your eyes and slightly tilted down. If your eyes tilt down, your eyelids remain more closed while focusing on your screen, thus preventing evaporation and dry eyes.

Avoid Blue Light

Perhaps the most common problem that can cause physical issues for gamers is looking at too much blue light. Digital devices emit blue light, and if you’re staring at a digital device for hours and hours every day, eye strain can manifest. Thankfully, there are several steps you can take to suppress your blue light consumption, such as adjusting the brightness of your monitor or even wearing blue light-blocking glasses.

We all know what a challenge it can be to take a break from an addicting game that has us hooked! You may not always be thinking of how to prevent eye strain while playing video games, but if you’ve been putting in some long days at your monitor, make sure you’re taking proper measures for the health of your eyes so that you don’t suffer any long-term effects. Follow these tips and keep your eyes strong for gaming!

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