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DEVIL MAY CRY Anime Is Set To Span Multiple Seasons And Will Star Dante And Vergil

DEVIL MAY CRY Anime Is Set To Span Multiple Seasons And Will Star Dante And Vergil

DEVIL MAY CRY Anime Is Set To Span Multiple Seasons And Will Star Dante And Vergil

The producer of the Devil May Cry series has given us a long-awaited update for the upcoming ventures of our favorite demon slayer. Adi Shankar gave us some information on the length of the anime and confirmed that fan-favorite characters would be appearing in the anime. Dante and Vergil will have been confirmed!

While speaking with IGN Japan, Shankar said:

“The season 1 scripts are done, they are rad. I could not be more excited.”

He also went on to say that the first season will consist of eight episodes, but he is planning a “multi-season arc,” as he did with Netflix’s Castlevania anime. He then went on to confirm a few of the characters that will appear in the series, “I can confirm that Vergil is in it, as well as Lady, and of course Dante as well.”

He then goes on to talk about working with Capcom and the development team for the anime. He says that working with Capcom has been “a dream,” adding that “the entire team both from the management side and the creative side have been so incredibly supportive and gracious.” One such member that he’s working with is producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who worked on the original Devil May Cry and Resident Evil game, as well as 2007’s Devil May Cry: The Animated Series. “Kobayashi-san has been wonderful,” Shankar explains. “It’s seriously a joy to work with Capcom. Their character library is unlike anything assembled.”

There aren’t any story details for the anime series at this time or if it will have any connections to the video games series. You can expect some great things from the upcoming anime series if it’s anything close to what was delivered to us for Castlevania. What are your thoughts on the upcoming anime series?

There is currently no release date for the Devil May Cry anime, but it will reportedly go into production in early 2022 and will be released on Netflix. Any characters that were not mentioned you would love to see?

Source: IGN Japan

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