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Dead Island 2 Gameplay Trailer Welcomes Players to the Zom-pocalypse

Dead Island 2 Gameplay Trailer Welcomes Players to the Zom-pocalypse

Dead Island 2 Gameplay Trailer Welcomes Players to the Zom-pocalypse

Techland‘s Dead Island 2 has gotten a new gameplay trailer showcasing the zombie-slaying action coming our way in 2023. The trailer gives us a look at what we already expected to see from the highly-anticipated sequel as the trailer shows off some of the weapons and action which will put players in a gory, brutal, fun time during a zombie apocalypse set in California.

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Two trailers were featured, the highlight being the HELL-A gameplay trailer that took us deep into the action and the updated combat system that will stay true to the heart of the series. With melee weapons that will deliver blunt force trauma or send zombie’s limbs flying into the air, the variety of weapons looks vast much like what we have come to expect.

The weapons at your disposal will range anywhere from bladed weapons such as katanas and machetes to blunt weapons such as hammers and you can also expect to see ranged weapons making a comeback. Weapons will be customizable to give them different effects as you take on an array of different zombies as you will see in the trailer.

This time around, your characters will have been bitten and infected which comes with an extra added gameplay feature. Players will be able to enter somewhat of an adrenaline state to unleash powerful attacks. Lastly, another trailer shows off a fun feature that will give players the use of Alexa voice control. With the integration of Alexa, you will be able to perform different actions like getting a zombie’s attention, activating your zombie-adrenaline powers, or equipping your weapon.

Dead Island 2 Gameplay Trailer

Dead Island 2 will release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox On3, and PC on April 28, 2023.

Check out the trailers below:

Source: Gamescom

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1 Comment

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