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Tips for Hosting a Trivia Night in Your Sports Bar

Sports bars can fall stagnant if they don’t offer new entertainment features. Here is a closer look at how hosting a trivia night can help evolve the business.


Expanding your bar and restaurant can be challenging when finances come into play. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to evolve your business without taking on too much risk. In this article, we discuss how to begin hosting trivia nights to increase profits and turn up the fun.

Scatter Your Themes

The themes you choose when you host a trivia night in your sports bar can make or break your ability to draw a new crowd week after week. If you intend on hosting a trivia night consistently, chances are you will have repeat visitors, and they will expect new questions each time.

Scatter the themes across various categories and genres to speak to a wide range of people. While your guests will primarily be at your bar to watch a game, adding movie, music, and television trivia themes will broaden your audience and draw in general business.

Invest in Adequate Equipment

Any time you’re considering taking on a new venture in your entertainment-style restaurant or bar, you need to consider if your equipment can withstand the new demands. Sports bars specifically have a few unique things to take into consideration for ideal setups. But when you factor in something like a trivia night, it’s essential to have adequate audio, high-quality resolution displays, and ample seating.

Don’t Forget To Advertise

Advertising that you’re hosting a trivia night in your sports bar is the best way to draw in the crowd. Without these efforts, you risk not having enough participants.

Simply relying on sports watchers to play the game is not enough because they may not want to divide their attention between the game on TV and the trivia host. You can advertise new menu items alongside the dates and times for trivia to draw in new visitors. Plus, you can create additional threads on your social media pages for your trivia fans.

Be Transparent About Game Rules

Just like in sports, the game rules are a big deal. Upon the start of trivia night, be transparent about the rules so that everyone participating can play fairly. Set rules around the number of rounds, spelling factors, brainstorming strategies, tiebreakers, and acceptable answer formats. Remember to keep things simple so that new players aren’t overwhelmed.

Invest in the Prizes

Prizes are a relatively big deal because your guests must play and strive for something. The more you invest in the prizes, the more you may be able to attract attendees and increase revenue.

Many hosts use monetary prizes such as gift cards to attract the winner back into the restaurant. Other enticing offerings to consider include a discount book for future meals or theme-specific prizes guests can use at home. Regardless of what you choose, remember that the quality of the prize will impact your attendance rates.

What’s great about trivia nights is they are not exclusive to one type of entertainment fan. Whether your crowd loves sports, games, or iconic television series, hosting a trivia night can help you pivot and grow your business.

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