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Tips for Designing Your Own Cosplay Costume


Tips for Designing Your Own Cosplay Costume

Are you designing your own cosplay costume for a convention or party this year? Take your skills to the next level with our cosplay tips and tricks.

There is nothing more satisfying than designing your own cosplay costume—the muggles of the world will never understand the excitement around stepping into your favorite character’s shoes. Whether you’re making a Daenerys Targaryen or a Darth Vader costume, use the tips below to help you create a cosplay masterpiece. Have fun with your design, and don’t forget to add your own unique touches!

Don’t Only Focus on the Accuracy

Many beginner cosplayers tend to want their costumes to look perfect and an entirely accurate depiction of their favorite character. You cannot make a costume wholly unique if you’re constantly focusing on the accuracy of the outfit. Don’t be afraid to add your own elements and make the character yours—in the end, the character is not real, and it’s all about how you want to portray your design.

Use Items Found Around Your Home

It’s easy to get way in over your head when designing your first cosplay costume. You do not need to purchase anything and everything from the store; you can find many items you’ll add to your ensemble around your home. For example, instead of driving to the craft store for fabric, why not use the flat sheet from your bedding you never sleep on to create a personalized shirt or skirt?

Understand the Character

When you’re cosplaying your favorite character, dive into the persona to fully understand them. For example, if you love Harley Quinn, you cannot create a costume without including her signature pink and blue hair or her infamous baseball bat. In another instance, if you’re dressing up as Naruto, he wouldn’t be himself without his trademark bird emblem. Understand your character and their signature trademarks to better portray who they are.

Experiment With Your Skills

From sewing to painting, you might be testing your existing skills and experimenting with new ones when creating a costume. Cosplay costumes provide the perfect opportunity to learn new things! You could learn how to embroider with ribbon to add intricate details to your outfit or learn how to perfect a makeup look to better represent your character. Don’t be afraid to learn new skills—they’ll continue to improve with each cosplay you create.

Make Your Props Light

Not every character comes with a signature prop, but when you choose one that does, ensure you’re making the props as light as possible. Nobody wants to lug around a heavy backpack or sword as a prop throughout the entire convention. These props might make your costume look epic, but you can still achieve the same look and feel by using lighter materials to construct these items. Remember, foam is your friend!

Designing your own cosplay costume allows you to use your imagination. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your ideas. Now go out and there start creating!

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