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The Retirement Plan Trailer Takes Us Into A John Wick-Esque Action Movie Featuring Nicolas Cage

The Retirement Plan Trailer Takes Us Into A John Wick-Esque Action Movie Featuring Nicolas Cage

The Retirement Plan Trailer Takes Us Into A John Wick-Esque Action Movie Featuring Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is making his way back onto your screens in a film featuring the legendary icon fending off assassins to protect his daughter and granddaughter. We have our first look at The Retirement Plan trailer which was just released ahead of the film’s theatrical release this August according to Deadline.

The Retirement Plan follows Ashley (played by Ashley Greene from Twilight) and her daughter Sarah (Thalia Campbell) as they get involved in a vicious crime that puts them both in danger. Ashley desperately needs help and turns to her dad, played by action star Cage, for help. Together, they’ll have to find and take out the crime boss Matt (played by Jackie Earle Haley) and his trusted right-hand man Donnie played by another film icon Ron Perlman and his henchman (Joel David Moore)

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The film will also star Grace Byers and Ernie Hudson. The film was helmed and written by Tim Brown which he also executive produced alongside Andrew Chang-Sang, and John Hills. The film is being brought to fans by Falling Forward Films and Productivity Media.

Brown shared his gratitude for the cast, saying:

“I’m super grateful to Nic and the rest of the cast, and being able to watch this film in theaters is a childhood dream come true.” Scott Kennedy, President of Falling Forward Films, added, “This film is destined to be another classic Nic Cage action-comedy.” He continued, “We are big supporters of the theatrical experience and there is nothing better than to have the audience experience the laughter and the thrills of The Retirement Plan on the big screen.”

It may not fall under everyone’s wheelhouse but one thing I can always count on in films featuring Cage is his commitment to every role and film he is involved in. It’s also infectious as he seems to always bring the most out of any cast starring alongside him of any caliber. The film has a rather simple premise but if the trailer hasn’t convinced you then you can bank on Cage’s involvement adding some razzle-dazzle to the film and with the likes of this cast, it’s lined up to be a real banger.

The Retirement Plan Trailer

The Retirement Plan will arrive in theaters on August 25, 2023.

Check out the trailer below:

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