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Mariko Between Worlds Trailer Gives Readers A Unique Look at Mad Cave’s Otherworldly Rom-Com Series

Mariko Between Worlds Trailer Gives Readers A Unique Look at Mad Cave’s Otherworldly Rom-Com Series

Mariko Between Worlds Trailer Gives Readers A Unique Look at Mad Cave’s Otherworldly Rom-Com Series

Mad Cave Studios is bringing readers a new graphic novel from two of the most talented creators as author Matthew Erman, whose work includes Power Rangers and WitchBlood, and beloved artist Liana Kangas whose work includes the incredible series She Said Destroy.

They are joined by a lineup of talented creators including colorist, Rebecca Nalty, and letterer, Micah Myers. Together, they’ll create a world filled with the exploration of the human condition through the eyes of the characters. It’s a realistic, down-to-earth graphic novel full of magical portals and sexy alien creatures and we have the best look yet with the Mariko Between Worlds Trailer.

Mariko Between Worlds trailer

Mad Cave‘s description of Mariko Between Worlds reads:

Mariko and Rem are breaking up but they have one last night together in the Mall of Portals, an inter-dimensional consumerist heaven full of unending vice, before Rem takes his new job doing data entry on the Moon of Plenty. With a couple hours to spare, no personal repercussions and entire dimensions at their fingertips — what’s the worst that could happen?

If you aren’t sold yet, take a look at what Erman had to say of Mariko Between Worlds:

Mariko Between Worlds is an unhinged joyride through Liana and I’s most bizarre sci-fi daydream. The story, about two doomed lovers, Mariko (injured bird vibes) and space alien Rem (basically blue Keanu), is about one final wild night together in the extra-dimensional consumerist Mall of Portals before they are forced to cut off ties due to the government’s rejection Mariko’s K1000-Visa application, crushing her dream of moving with Rem to his home dimension—

I loved every minute collaborating with Liana, who is not only an incredible talent but one of my closest comic friends. Getting to write scripts for Liana, with the sole intention of making her laugh or scream or guffaw or question whether that could technically be drawn was a huge highlight of my comic career and I can’t wait for you to experience this absolutely bonkers comic. It shouldn’t exist, but it does and we made it.

There’s a duck man, and a psychic fridge, and a club where people snort social media. There’s a communist skeleton named Greg and an entity composed of sound that runs a record store. That’s literally not even a drop in the bucket. I made Liana draw some INSANE things—

I’m so proud of this book and getting to collaborate with the people I cherish and love in this industry and getting to write comics for Mad Cave is the cherry on top. If you’ve ever watched 90 Day Fiance and felt it needed more angst and space aliens and portals to capitalist nightmare dimensions… then I guess this is literally the comic for you.” 

Kangas shared there was already much admiration for Erman and character designer Lisa Sterle before jumping on board the project, saying:

“Before we started working on Mariko Between Worlds, Matthew Erman and Lisa Sterle (who designed some of the incredibly wild and fun characters in the book and co-wrote as well!) were already some of my favorite people on earth (and in every galaxy from this end to infinite) — and so from the first moment I heard the premise, I knew that this was going to be something special. I think it’s always a pleasure when good people turn out to also be good collaborators, so it was really a pleasure to bring this story to life with them—

I think that we (including being joined by our incredible colorist who made this book as psychedelic as it is, Rebbeca Nalty, and our extremely talented letterer, Micah Myers) all brought our very best to this project because of how much fun we had with it. This book also allowed me to really see how far I can stretch my skill, and to experiment with a lot of stylistic play that typically I don’t really get to do. I think it is even more special because of that—

I hope this story resonates with anyone that is searching for that missing part of them or feels like they just want to find themselves.”

The creative team they have put together is high-caliber, to say the least. Collectively, they are prosed to deliver a breathtaking universe with the likeness of Saga which speaks volumes for the adventure readers are set to embark on.

With a universe filled with characters that will keep you clinging from one page to the next, Mariko Between Worlds will deliver a wheelhouse of different feelings while taking in the beauty of the cosmos with a splash of colors that encompass all the celestial spaces.

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Mariko Between Worlds will be available at your favorite local comic shop in September 2023.

Check out the trailer below:

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