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The Most Important Equipment To Have in a Video Studio


The Most Important Equipment To Have in a Video Studio

A video studio is only as good as the equipment it holds. Shop smart when outfitting your studio with the items you need to make great films!

Videography requires more than just having a camera and a video studio space. While this is everything you need at the most fundamental level, the truth is that you need much more to get high-quality results. By choosing the most important equipment to have in a video studio, you can set yourself up for success.

Video Camera

The most important piece of equipment to have in a video studio is a video camera. Choosing one that fits your budget, the types of videos you will publish, the location you will film and publish, and whether you need built-in audio will help you to identify the correct option for you.


A tripod keeps a camera perfectly steady and sturdy during static video shots. They can also be panned for smooth transitions. Find one that matches your needs in size, flexibility, fit, and durability. There are tripods out there to fit just about every camera you can get.


Lighting is crucial to clean and clear videos. Look for videography studio lighting kits to help. Light reflectors can also be useful in improving video quality.


Most cameras come with built-in microphones, but the audio quality isn’t always the best. A microphone can help capture all sounds well. Choose the right type for your personal needs. Wireless options work well for one single person, while a boom pole can be good for large crowds. There are also lapel and handheld options.

Audio Cables

Audio cables allow the microphone to connect to a camera to improve sound quality. Make sure the camera and microphone have compatible cords before use.


When editing sounds, a pair of high-quality headphones is key. They should be comfortable and fit well. Ideally, they will have high-quality isolation as well.

Memory Cards and Hard Drives

Memory cards and hard drives are key to holding your footage. It’s a good idea to have a handful of extra memory cards on hand when filming, so you never have to go without them. External hard drives can also help hold large amounts of footage for editing.

Camera Bag

With all the equipment that you will likely need, a camera bag is great if you will be traveling to film. Just make sure the bag is large and sturdy enough to keep your equipment safe.

Video Editing Software

Finally, you’ll need some video editing software to put together the final product. These can vary dramatically, from price to available features and ease of use. The best program will be one that you can use and enjoy.

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