THE BARDIC VERSES – An OGN About A Bard Trying To Escape The Shadow of Legacy – Available on Kickstarter Now


The Bardic Verses is an anthology-style graphic novel about a bard attempting to escape the long shadow of his warrior-family legacy. Our lead character Martiln Swordhand tells his tales in an old tavern and each tale is drawn in a different art style. As stated on the Kickstarter project page, the creators have worked on this project as, “love letter to traditional comics, tabletop RPGs, and sword and sorcery books. The stories within pay tribute to noir comics, Disney movies, Bill Watterson, Ryan Ottley, Rob Liefeld, Jack Kirby, and more!”

Boding an impressive 80 pages that includes 66 story pages and 14 pages giving backers a look into the creative process of the project, this is sure to be a fun pickup and there’s no better feeling than backing creators that truly love their own project. Fans always make the best creators and based on the preview and what the creators have shared on the campaign page, they truly have their hearts in the genre and project.

The Bardic Verses was Written by Matt Summo. Illustrated by Pete Collins. Lettered by Matt Krotzer and features pinups and illustrations by Skye Patridge, Dan BuksaNick Vittorio, Carlos Nuñez, Sean Dicker, and more.

To find out more about The Bardic Verses, the creators, and any additional rewards, visit the Kickstarter page below!

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