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Steps To Reduce Anxiety and Stress When Working Remotely

Mental Health

Steps To Reduce Anxiety and Stress When Working Remotely

It’s impossible to avoid anxiety and stress while working remotely. Still, some techniques exist to help you focus on your work and enjoy the day.

No one asks or wishes for anxiety and stress, but the world delivers it, nonetheless. There’s no need to fear tension; that only creates more of it. Instead, preparing for when it comes is essential—because tension will come. Follow along as we look at some steps to reduce anxiety and stress when working remotely.

Curate Your Space

Our surroundings matter, especially when working from home. Think about what makes you feel comfortable and relaxed in your workspace. Consider the following items and ideas to create a stress-free zone:

  • A clear desk
  • Comfortable chair
  • Scented candle
  • Soft music
  • Plants
  • Colors and décor that inspire

Hopefully, you have a designated area in your home that is just for work. If not, you can still make your workspace as comfortable and calming as possible.

Make a Schedule

We hear it frequently, and that’s because it works—scheduling is everything. Remote work brings on new levels of interruptions, stress, and anxiety. It stems from the fact that working remotely usually means working from home. A home office allows you to see the dirty dishes, the empty refrigerator reminding us we need groceries, and hear kids knocking on the door needing help with homework. Couple these distractions with work needs, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for anxiety and stress. The answer is to schedule everything you possibly can. You can take a deep breath, knowing it will get done if it’s on the schedule.

Take a Break To Meditate

Breaks are essential for your well-being and must be an integral part of your schedule. During your time away from the desk, consider mediation. Meditation looks different for everyone; however, the idea is to clear your mind and relax. It’s helpful to use props to aid in forgetting the cares of the day and getting into a meditative state. Keep a comfortable rug or floor pillow on hand to sit on and silence all distractions while you focus. Some people use beads to aid in meditation as they help guide them to focus and relax. Whatever works for you is what works best. What matters is you step away from everything now and then to clear your mind and center yourself.

Do Not Multitask

One thing you can do immediately to reduce stress and anxiety when working from home is to prioritize and focus on one activity before beginning another. There is a certain badge of honor that comes with multitasking. Still, sometimes badges of honor coincide with hardcore stress. Ditch the stress and anxiety and accomplish one task at a time instead. Remember, everything gets done if everything has a place on the schedule. Working remotely is a wonderful thing; stress and anxiety are not. Although you can’t completely avoid them, anxiety and stress are controllable when you implement some helpful practices.

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