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Crave: Delve Into the Mysterious App in Image Comics’ Erotic Thriller

Crave: Delve Into the Mysterious App in Image Comics’ Erotic Thriller

Crave: Delve Into the Mysterious App in Image Comics’ Erotic Thriller

Heartbeat writer/artist Maria Llovet, known for her work on titles like Faithless and Sandman Universe Thessaly, is set to make her debut in the world of Image Comics with her upcoming series, Crave. This erotic thriller, slated to launch in November, combines the allure of Eyes Wide Shut with the unsettling parallels of Black Mirror.

In the heart of this dark and seductive mystery lies CRAVE, an enigmatic app that promises to fulfill the deepest desires of those who dare to use it. Within the walls of an esteemed university, the students become captivated by this app, transforming it into their own secret hookup platform. Among them is David, a brilliant student, who finds himself entangled in a dangerous game of seduction with the unattainable Alexandra.

However, as the requests made through CRAVE intensify, chaos descends upon the campus. David and his friends soon realize that if they are to stop this destructive spiral, they must uncover the truth behind the app that threatens to consume them all.

Reflecting on the modern world and our interconnectedness, Llovet explains:

“‘Crave’ was born from contemplating the depth of our connections in today’s society. How much control do we really have over the information we share? How much do others truly know about us, especially as we stand on the precipice of the AI era?”

Prepare to delve into a world where desire and curiosity intertwine, shrouded in the shadows of an alluring yet dangerous app called CRAVE. The series captures the edge of Nerve and Red Rose which both see apps pushing its users to the edge. Blend that with the uneasiness and out-of-the-box thinking of Black Mirror and you have come up with a series that will surely put readers and the students at the university through the meat grinder.

Crave #1 will be available at your favorite local comic shop and digitally on November 29, 2023. Check out the preview below:

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