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Skate 4 Officially Titled skate and Will Be Free-To-Play

Skate 4 Officially Titled skate and Will Be Free-To-Play

Skate 4 Officially Titled skate and Will Be Free-To-Play

Electronic Arts and Full Circle have announced that Skate 4 is officially titled skate. Alongside the reveal of the official title of the game, the studio also confirmed that skate will be free-to-play on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC with full cross-play and cross-progression support.

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The new Skate game was announced back at EA Play in June 2020. EA later shared that Full Circle, the new studio behind the game, was launched for the express purpose of continuing the Skate series. Full Circle‘s ‘The Board Room’ update revealed that skate will take place in San Vansterdam which will serve as a sister city to Skate and Skate 2‘s San Vanelona.

This seems to play into the studio’s plans for skate as they chose to go with that title instead of Skate 4 because they are not building a sequel, reboot, or remake and instead are looking to build a new platform that they can build upon for years. A formula we have seen reach great heights with Epic GamesFortnite.

Full Circle further explained that although skate will be free-to-play, players should not worry about features of the game being locked behind paywalls as they set ground rules on the design of the game in regards to microtransactions which included the following four rules:

  • No Pay to Win
  • No Map Areas Locked Behind Paywall
  • No Paid Loot Boxes
  • No Paid Gameplay Advantages

While we won’t be seeing any upcoming sequels in the future, this method of free-to-play platform could bode well for both the studio and players. Although microtransactions are a bit of an eyesore for players, skate could fall in line with what we see NBA2K offer as far as cosmetics, which don’t offer any in-game advantages but do give players the option to freely express their style, should they wish to purchase cosmetics.

skate does not currently have a release date but further details are sure to be released in the future. Stay tuned as more information becomes available.

Skate 4 Officially Titled skate and Will Be Free-To-Play

Source: The Board Room

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