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Sifu Brawls Its Way to Xbox and Steam in Early 2023


Sifu Brawls Its Way to Xbox and Steam in Early 2023

Sifu Brawls Its Way to Xbox and Steam in Early 2023

Sifu Brawls Its Way to Xbox and Steam in Early 2023

Sloclap‘s hit martial arts game Sifu is set to brawl its way onto Xbox and Steam the developer has announced alongside the big content Arenas update. Previously released on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, the martial arts game will now be coming to the other major platforms just in time for Arenas in March 2023. The Arenas update will bring new content to the game featuring combat challenges and nine new maps.

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As players progress through these challenges, new outfits, cheats, and combat moves will be unlocked and added to their arsenal. This is just one step in the roadmap of post-launch updates that have continued to keep players hooked to the game. Sifu now looks to become available to a new wave of fans who will get to experience the one-of-a-kind title that sees players age every time they die in the game and see themselves mastering their skills along the way in a double-edged sword experience. The game is noted to have a heavy learning curve but delivers a significant payout with the experience it delivers in the game.

Sifu not only hopes to expand to other platforms as it becomes available on Xbox and Steam but has also been picked up for a live-action film adaptation by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad. Announced earlier this year, developer Sloclap has teamed up with Kolstad’s Story Kitchen for the live-action adaptation that Kolstad will be scripting and producing. Kolstad has seen himself picking up quite a few video game adaptations to bring to the big screen lately as he is also working on a Streets of Rage film adaptation and has also teamed up with Stephen Curry‘s Unanimous Media for a ToeJam & Earl feature film alongside Amazon Studios.

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Sifu is currently available on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC through the Epic Game Store and will be available on Xbox and Steam in March 2023.

Check out the Arenas reveal trailer below:

Source: Sloclap

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