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Sea of Sorrows #1


Sea of Sorrows #1 Review

Sea of Sorrows #1 Review

Writer: Rich Douek
Artist: Alex Cormack
Publisher: IDW Publishing

Sea of Sorrows is a complimentary title to the horror comic written by Rich Douek and art by Alex Cormack. The first issue alone is able to set the plot to what will become an eerie unwonted story of treasures, war, and the vast mysterious ocean.
Deke has persuaded Owney Madden to let him take a crew out to sea, in a gamble to find treasures and repay his debt to him. What they are searching for is an uncharted German boat that was rumored to have goods, specifically gold. Shoals emerge holding the beam of relief and greed that confirms the fate of everyone aboard. As the crew spends the night getting lost in celebrations, Shoal’s mind drifts to the creature he perceived to have encountered down below.

With the reteaming of Douek and Cormack, Sea of sorrows starts off strong by luring you with story plots that will never fall from enticing. Cormack is able to visually capture the essence of a crew in the 1920s, heading on a voyage that should’ve been anticipated with trepidation.

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