Batman Three Jokers

 Issue #1 of the 3 issues mini-series hits the ground running with Johns’ and Fabok’s immensely groundbreaking work. The character focuses on Red Hood and Batgirl while pushing the plot forward with the Joker…. or Jokers. All the while, giving Batman the panels that Batman demands, (because come on he’s Batman.) It really is truly impressive work by Geoff Johns. The creative team gave us a beautifully balanced first issue that will take you from the ominous streets of Gotham resonating its inner Black Sad for us noir detective fans to the action-packed panels showcasing the fighting skills of our favorite Bat-family members. This issue leaves us contemplating whether a certain character got the vengeance he deserved or if, like the Joker put it, “You are my Robin”. 

– Sir Thomas

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