Sarah Silverman Set To Star in The Psychological Thriller VIRAL with Blair Underwood

Blair Underwood

Sarah Silverman will star alongside Blair Underwood in an upcoming psychological thriller film titled ‘Viral.’ Joe McClean scripted the film and Underwood will be directing.

The story centers on Andrew (Underwood),

“a man dealing with the disappearance of his wife. As Andrew falls deeper into paranoia, he finds that the only way out of the self-destructive cycle seems to be through his new girlfriend Emilia (Silverman), a victims advocate and self-help blogger he meets in group therapy, who is dealing with her own demons from her past. The drama will explore if they are strong enough to get past their own nightmares and mental illnesses to find true happiness together.”

Underwood said in a statement,

“A true artist thrives in all genres. Most people know of Sarah Silverman‘s brilliant comedic performances, but she’s a devastatingly raw and authentic dramatic actress as well. I was introduced to this dimension of her artistry in the film, ‘I Smile Back.’ Wait until you see her in ‘Viral.’ She’s going to be an absolute revelation!”

After a delay due to the pandemic, production on the film is set to begin in New York this summer.

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