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Rush Hour 4 Confirmed by Jackie Chan

Rush Hour 4 Confirmed by Jackie Chan

Rush Hour 4 Confirmed by Jackie Chan

Legendary actor Jackie Chan has dropped some exciting news as he revealed that Rush Hour 4 is in the works at the Red Seas Film Festival. The three-film series that saw Chan teamed up alongside Chris Tucker was a classic among fans which saw Chan’s Hong Kong detective and Tucker’s LAPS detective James Carter teaming up to assist the FBI when a Chinese diplomat’s daughter is kidnapped. The film was a huge success, leading to being one of the best buddy films carried by Chan and Tucker’s hilarious banter and irreplaceable chemistry in the trio of action films.

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Chan also noted he was set to meet with the film’s director to talk about the script. Whether the director is Brett Ratner, who directed the threequel or a new director taking over is unknown as Chan did not mention a name, but given Ratner finding himself in hot water previously due to sexual harassment allegations in 2017, its a reasonable and safe bet that Ratner will not be involved in any capacity.

Rush Hour 4 Confirmed by Jackie Chan

Interestingly enough, Chan’s role in Rush Hour in 1998 was as he said, the “last time” he was going to try his luck at a film in America after his previous films had flopped. Luckily for us, he went after the role after some convincing by his manager and became a household name after a whopping $70M opening weekend. Still regarded as one of Chan and Tucker’s best films, it’s refreshing news to see the studio put faith in Chan to deliver another sequel rather than seeing this become yet another reboot in the medium. No word on Tucker’s involvement in the film but we certainly hope to see him jump on board for more hilarious action.

Source: Variety

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